La dolce vita.

If you've read my previous posts, you may know that Ryan and I enjoy the simple [cheap] pleasures in life... camping ~ board games ~ blackberry pie ~ The Biggest Loser (to feel motivated after eating the blackberry pie, of course) ~ gardening.  Just your average, easy-going [boring] couple. 
We do have 1 little luxury that we have come to take great pleasure in.  Wine tasting.  Now, if you've never been  or have no specific desire to go, I totally get it.  I felt this way about four years ago.  I didn't understand why you'd want to pay money to stand around with people you don't know and take little sips of wine... when you could just enjoy a glass with dinner, any day of the week, if you are so inclined.  And this is even after I watched Sideways. 
When Ryan and I went to Santa Barbara for the weekend a while back, the 'bed & breakfast' owner recommended that we go on a wine tasting excursion.  We were kid-free and in slight bliss at the time, since I had just made the big decision to stop working [and start living].  Wine tasting sounded like a perfect way to celebrate our new adventure.
Wine tasting & us- a perfect match.  And really, the wine is only part of the fun.  That day, we found a new passion and a wonderful way to remember that time in our lives (4 short years ago) when we decided to stop letting life lead us... and start leading it.
Needless to say, each year, we seem to find more and more opportunities to visit California's vineyards.  This past weekend, we celebrated my brother-in-law's birthday in Paso Robles.  An ideal way to say goodbye to summer, and hello to Autumn.  Here's a little summary of our wine tasting excursion... 
coffee in the mornin'.  
capturing the beauty. 

moments of connection...
... and silliness.
an amazing view, and "free" wine glasses to take home.
a quick stop for tacos in Santa Barbara on the ride home.
*How was your weekend??


  1. fun! both you and the scenery look fabulous!

    it's funny you mentioned sideways - i don't even care that much about wine - but after reading that book i HAD to go wine tasting!
    (although, the best we could get was the biltmore winery in NC - not quite the same as CA!)

  2. Torrie, those photos are so amazing! It looks like you had a relaxing weekend! - Coffee and Wine? (sigh) I can't wait my detox to be over, once my body "heals" I'll be able to drink some of those delicious juices of life.
    ♥Happy week!

  3. What a great way to spend the weekend! I absolutely love wine tasting and Paso Robles is one of my favorite places to do it. Gabe proposed to me after a day of wine tasting there, so it holds a special place in my heart. Your pictures make me feel like i was there! So vibrant and colorful.


  4. Paso Robles? oh you are so lucky! Wine tasting is by far one of our favorite things to do. We literally plan vacation around places that have vineyards and wine tastings!

  5. Thanks for stopping by cupcake monkey, Torrie! :)

    I love this post!! The photos are wonderful!! I NEED to get to a winery soon!...really soon!

  6. We love wine tasting! You are lucky to live fairly close to wine country! I can't believe I never went to any wineries when I lived in SB. Granted I was in my early 20's and was more interested in partying! :) Great photos.

  7. LOVE everyone's comments on this subject!

    Kim- What is that saying...

    "The youth is wasted on the young."? :)

  8. I have never been wine tasting in Paso Robles but have always wanted to go. I love going to the wineries in Napa Valley though. Another good place to go wine tasting is in the Temecula Valley. They have a lot of good wineries there and it is not as far. You should check them out.


  9. oh my ... daniel and i have been wanting to find a good b&b in santa barbara. where did you stay? will you email it to me? pretty please.

    wine tasting is such a wonderful thing. the scenery is always stunning and so peaceful.

    oh -- and you know we are right there with you on the "boring" couple thing. but ya know what, i wouldn't change it for anything in the world. i love our life!

  10. Wine tasting is one my favorite pastimes EVER (welcome to the dark side!). My boyfriend and I tried out the Paso Robles wines last year while we were in town for a wedding and we were really struck by Pianetta. The cab there was fabulous, and I'm not even a big cab fan. By the looks of these photos (coffee + wine = heaven), seems like you had a lovely time!

    P.S. I *heart* Sideways.


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