A little love note {#throwbackthursday}...


...goes such a long way.

{...as does a little meyer lemon. ~ 12-7-2013} 

Channeling my inner crone.

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If you need a little (or- a freaking TON of) extra motivation today, READ THIS

Seriously, as our mother's/fathers like to "advise" us-  just do it.

And then ask yourself: "WHAT WOULD MY INNER CRONE DO?" (or- "WWMICD?" if you're short on time... because, it is Monday, after all. And that's almost as treacherous as Chernobyl.)

Something old, something new {#throwbackthursday}.

'something old (a pair of coupes gifted to us by my mom at our wedding),
something new (a damn good bottle of champagne gifted to me by my cousin for my birthday)'

...a throwback to my birthday of march, 2013~ in which we sat back, toasted to year #38, & watched the beautiful, final film of James Gandolfini~ to highlight {more importantly~ recommend} two of the best movies i've had the pleasure of watching this past year...

~one to rent, & one to RUN to get your ticket now~

1) Enough Said 
2) The Judge  

i guarantee~ your weekend will be dramatically improved.

Cloudy with a chance of chili {or reese's pieces}.



Clouds ~ triple check.
Chili ~ check. {and then some}
Reese's Pieces ~ there's always next year.
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