Family fun night.

 Family Fun Night image via

In trying to keep our vacation spirit alive we had our first official "Family fun night" this past weekend.  Hailey and I recently bought this book at her school's book fair and it's full of simple ideas for nights of family fun.  Since we didn't have a chance to play many games on our camping trip, we thought we'd start with 'board game night' ... + Jacob has been asking to play his game of LIFE since, ummm- February??

Had a blast re-learning how to play the game, forging on to our retirements together, and eating homemade 'Batali (Mario, that is) family blackberry pie'... but that, I will save for tomorrow's post.


  1. Love the idea of Family Night and did you take all those beautiful pictures? wow!

  2. What a great idea! I absolutely love board games and we have "game night" with our friends sometimes. It's so fun! Your pictures are so pretty as usual. Can't wait to see the pie!


  3. It looks like you had so much fun. My kids love playing board games together too. Emma likes Life because she thinks it's cool that she gets to get married :) We used play more but with all the craziness of life it became difficult. However, we make time for what is important, right.


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