Finding the {happy}.

With school starting and a jam packed to-do list for Ryan and I (despite the fact that he took the day off... despite the fact that it was our 13 year wedding anniversary... despite the fact that we had NO kids for a large part of the day) today was a day that could have been not-so-happy.  But we did a little digging and found it... the {'happy'-  that is-} anyways. 
Jacob got to wear his neon green shoes to school.
(and we were able to spot him from miles away when we picked him up from school)

Hailey got to step out of the house and be the social butterfly that she was created to be.
I got to practice the messy bun technique (yes- achieving messy hair is actually a skill).

Ryan got to do the dishes.

Just checkin' to make sure you're awake!

In the midst of many to-do's, Ryan got to enjoy a little R&R.

Who needs romance, adventure, and spontaneity anyway???
I'll take normalcy with this guy any day of the week.


  1. good attitude! and the kiddos are adorable (neon shoes and all!).

  2. oh the kids look so cute and definitely ready for school!!

  3. Aww, Hailey and Jacob look adorable! I love the neon green shoes! So true about loving the "normal". I'm with you on that one. Happy 13th Anniversary!!! Glad you were able to spend the day together to celebrate!


  4. Can you do my hair? LOVE that messy bun. I wouldn't even call it messy. :)

    PS. Happy Anniversary!

  5. Thank you everyone!!


    Ah, but I have not yet tried it on my OWN hair...

    I believe that's where the "messy" will come in to effect:).

  6. Jacob and Hailey look so cute (or should I say Hailey looks cute and Jacob handsome). I love the way you did Hailey's hair. It looks very chic. Emma starts school on the 7th. She is very much looking forward to it and so am I. Two more years before Kaley can start. Happy 13th Anniversary to you and Ryan!



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