The quintessential play date.

Since Jacob has been away at summer camp, this week has been full of 'Hailey activities.'  Yesterday, we invited a couple of her friends over for a "play date."  I will admit, I am a little late to join the play date party.  

And if I'm really being honest, I don't really like the term, play date.  Or for that matter, other similar terms such as, "ladies night out" or "date night" - that seem to be names that moms feel a need to create to have an excuse to take time for themselves... away from their children.  

My view?  Who needs an excuse??  I sure didn't need one before the kids, and if anything, being a mom alone IS an excuse to get away!  You know:  the whole, "Time apart makes the heart grow fonder" thing, right?

Back to the play date get-togetherOne of the best parts of entertaining young ones (even Jacob's 12 year old friends) is feeding them.  Still getting my 'fix' of feeding others, but not having to marinate, or simmer, or caramelize.  

Yet it was not the small grilled cheese sandwiches, cut into fancy shapes, or the cute little raviolis, with little dishes of marinara and parmesan alongside, or the tiny cheese-filled crackers, or the mini watermelon wedges, or even the pink lemonade with the cool jewels ice, that impressed them the most.  No siree.

These tasty Raspberry & Vanilla Bean Bars, from Trader Joe's, were the real highlight.  The modern 50/50.  If you haven't yet tried them, well, you should. 

 Mango & latte flavors are also available @ TJ's.


  1. Have not see those raspberry/vanilla bars but will keep an eye out for them. My children would love those!

  2. Emma loves playdates, or as you say, get togethers with her friends. However, we usually end up meeting at the movies or packing a picnic and going to the park with the other moms. Your get together is just so much cuter. You also make it look so easy. I think the next one may have to be at my house.


  3. i hate the term play date too, not sure why...? i like to have ONE friend over of Ava's (during G's nap) and bake something with the girls, letting them do mostly everything. the girls have fun and the friend has desert to bring home!


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