The late summer terrain.

With school starting in a mere 12 days, my spirit is clutching onto the last crumbs of summer... but my mind is {fall}ing into the reality that is autumn.  Without a doubt, my favorite time of the year none-the-less - crimson leaves & pumpkin milkshakes, dark denim jeans & charcoal gray scarfs, apple crisps, cobblers, & pies, chai lattes & hazelnut americanos, crunchy leaves & crisp, cloudy skies.  Yet, still not quite set to let summer go.

As I get ready to slip off my flip-flops and pull out the boots, I'd like to share some very cool summery finds from one of my favorite stores, Terrain.

for the garden(er)

+ They even carry this handy gardening pad from yesterday's post! 

for the chef


Stay tuned for this part {to-arrive-tomorrow}!

Oh, you think I'm just trying to get you to come back??

No, sillies.
Summer activities are awaiting.
Gotta get to them. :)


  1. I never heard of this site...will check it out. Have fun this weekend making strawberry cupcakes :)

  2. I've never heard of this store, but it's adorable (just like Anthro and Urban Outfitters). Perfect for gifts too!


  3. I heard about Terrain a few months back and put all kinds of things in my shopping cart. I especially liked the one-off vintage pieces. But anything Anthro related is good in my book!


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