Recipes: tried & true.

Last Monday, I shared recipes that I'd seen on some of my favorite blogs.  I'd tried them for myself over the weekend, and wanted to pass them along for you to enjoy -  with my little seal of approval.  For me, the weekend is a perfect opportunity to try new recipes - recipes spotted in one of the many cookbooks on the shelf, shared from friends, clipped from magazines, printed from the web, or bookmarked from blog posts.  It keeps things fresh and it simply feels good to try some of these recipes, instead of letting them sit in a recipe abyss.

So again, on this lovely Monday morning, as we're all trying to exit the weekend mode and plan for the week ahead, I'd like to share a couple of 'blog recipes'... tried & true.  I don't know if this will be a regular thing, but for now, it works.

It is a rare moment that I can pass up an opportunity to try a new strawberry cupcake recipe.  I've been wanting to make these for the past few weeks, and I'm sure glad I finally put my mouth mind to it.  The Traveling Mama  is one of my favorite newly discovered blogs.  I stumbled upon it not long ago, and when I am there, I am transported to a new world - of Morocco and Denmark, of foreign languages and flea markets, of creativity and passion, of sowing your oats and following your dreams.  These cupcakes did not disappoint.  They were moist and delicious.

The only change I made was that I made a strawberry glaze instead of a frosting... 1/2 cup pureed strawberries whisked into 3 cups powdered sugar (cupcakes can be dipped in or glaze can be spooned on).  *The glaze works great for doughnuts and zeppole as well!

I made a make-shift Sardinian Blood-Orange Mojito last week, but tried it again this week, with TJ's Blood Orange Soda.  Very refreshing.

And the last recipe of the weekend was prepared by Ryan for dinner last night.  This one came from a lovely blog - a peachtree city life - that I truly just discovered, like on Friday afternoon!  I, being the curious gal I am, clicked on her blog simply because I liked the title... and I'm so glad I did.  Mac & cheese, DIY projects, reading, purple blankets, gardening, and family - all described in an unpretentious, eloquent, {subtly} humorous way.  I can't wait to dig in- to more recipes and more unread posts:).

What caught my eye with this Frogmore Stew is that 1) it's a simple summer dinner that can be prepared in one pot and enjoyed in one bowl and 2) it is Claire's grandmother's recipe... and I just can't pass up a grandmother's recipe, because these are, in my humble opinion, simply the best dishes - even if it is isn't from my own grandmother.  And it was a perfect Sunday dinner.

Have a wonderful week and I hope you try these recipes for yourself!


  1. i'm sooo glad you liked it! it's a fun one, isn't it?? (and thanks for your kind words - i'm blushing!!) :) glad to "meet" another blog friend!

  2. oo those recipes do look fabulous* especially that blood orange mojito - what a perfect summer menu you put together:) xx, jane

  3. and ps - i love your "about me" section - happy is something i want to strive for too!! :)

  4. I'm really curious to try the Fillmore Stew! Looks super dee duper easy! Def a Dad kinda recipe :-) With those simplest of ingredients how did yours turn out and what did the kiddies think?

  5. recipes look great esp that mojito! and glad you got around to baking some cupcakes :)

  6. Robert-

    Seriously, a perfect "dad" recipe. My husband enjoyed making it!

    I agree - the ingredients were few and the cooking time was so short... I wondered how it'd taste myself!

    It did taste very flavorful actually. He sliced/seared the kielbasa in the pot prior to adding the other ingredients, which added a nice flavor. There was a 1/4 cup of Old Bay (which I'm still not quite sure if that is what's called for since the original recipe just said 1/4...) which also added a lot of flavor, but did make the broth a little spicy for the kids. They liked the ingredients, just not the slight spiciness... so I'd put less Old Bay next time and just sprinkle more on top of each dish.
    And one more thing- the potatoes took longer to cook, as did the shrimp since we added frozen shrimp directly to the pot.
    I'd definitely make (or have my husband make:) again; let me know if you try it!

  7. Yum! My mouth is watering! It's a good thing I froze some of those strawberry cupcakes! :-) Thank you so much for your very sweet words. They really mean so very, very much to me! Hugs from Denmark!!

  8. Those strawberry cupcakes look incredible, Torrie! I agree, the weekend is when I like to experiment with new recipes. Sometimes I spend hours just looking through cookbooks, marking pages, trying to decide what to make. Hope you had a great weekend!


  9. Oh my goodness, I want to just jump into this post and eat every single thing in it. YUM!

  10. Love the title of that stew! Sounds fun and sounds delicious. A must try because I am like you- anything passed down from a grandma is going to be fabulous!
    Oh and about me eating- I eat everything in site! Who knows why you can't tell but I am happy about it! LOL!


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