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I love reading the daily confessions of Ree, the infamous Pioneer Woman.  A true highlight of my morning blog reading.  Back in April, Jora posted her confessions and concluded by asking if we had any that we'd like to share for ourselves.  A bit delayed, but...
  1.  Although blogging has done wonders for my soul- not so much for my waist.
  2. If we do not give Jacob a cell phone as he enters the 7th grade, he will be one of the only kids in his entire middle school, without one.
  3. If my piles of laundry could form a rebellion against me, I'd be an instant goner.
  4. The other day, I posted a comment on Ree's blog letting her the world know that I miss the days when Jacob was Tinky Winky for Halloween.
  5. I own 74 cookbooks - but have yet to purchase an iPod.
  6. Three of the above include beverage recipes only.
  7. I actually came to enjoy the Teletubbies.
  8. I eat bulgar for breakfast, enjoy sipping a glass of fine wine, make my own pizza dough ... but put a bowl of Kraft Mac & Cheese in front of me ... and all of my gourmet/foodie instincts fall by the wayside.
  9. Sometimes I wish we lived on a farm.
  10. I've never purchased a Domino Magazine.  
  11. I like Barry Manilow.
Whew... That does feel good.

Anything you'd like to get off of your chest??  At least humor me, so I can feel better about myself.


  1. love it! and you KNOW i agree about 8!

  2. Torrie, I absolutely love this. And I love your intention of authenticity. It really shines through in this post. What is it with kids and cell phones these days?? That's going to be a hard one for me when I have children. I totally understand your desire to live on a farm. I grew up on one and loved it. While I love living in LA I still miss the solitude, space, and fresh produce of my parents' farm. Here are a few of my confessions:

    1. I really dislike shopping. I love getting new clothes/accessories, but the act of shopping is such a chore for me. I'd rather be doing anything else and just have the clothes appear in my closet magically. Is that too much to ask?
    2. I sometimes think that cheese and crackers are an acceptable dinner (when Gabe's not home).
    3. I also like Barry Manilow as well as Kenny Rogers, The Carpenters, Gordon Lightfoot, Jay & The Americans, I could go on for days.
    4. I get irrationally upset when there's a change in my routine. Routines are important to me.
    5. I've been known to eat copious amounts of ice cream/candy/sweets and hide the evidence from my husband (only to confess later).


  3. This is a great post! It's so nice to learn more about the bloggers and I could have just stopped at # 1 b/c i feel the exact same way. Sometimes I am so busy blogging I don't make it to the gym...not good! And thanks for your very sweet comment on my last post. :)

  4. I can't believe he'll be the only one without a cell. That is so depressing! And 74 cookbooks - WOW! Come to think of it, I've never actually counted mine.

    I'm a bit brain dead and in pain to come up with any confessions, but I will!

  5. I am laughing out loud! Nothing lese to say because I am still laughing !


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