A web of magic {#throwbackthursday}.

Since I went so long without posting, I think I'll do a little #tbt-ing on Thursdays... Just for my own "journal-ing" purposes.

{disclaimer: unedited... unfiltered pictures... the days of spending hours on posts are gone... at this point anyway. afterall, i've got chili to prepare, cornbread to bake, spooky movies to watch... sleep to attain, before the wonderful madness begins...}

{nosferatu x2}

Halloween is hard work.

But the planning, creating, curating, decorating, embellishing, adorning, carving, lighting, .... when it's all spun together- well, it's nothing short of magic.

What you need to know...

...about 6-foot trick-or-treaters.
I shared this article {on Facebook} last year (along with the caption, "Exactly, exactly, EXACTLY..."), and I still feel the {exact} same way.

Friday eve, October 31st ~ See ya on the streets (my 5-foot-something someone included :))...


I woke up, scrambled to the kitchen to brew coffee (my "brewer" is out of town), & before I even filled my cup, I filled my brain with the dread of all that needs to be done today... After a weekend of camping, & a Monday spent starting (and finishing) a book for tonight's book club, a LOT has to be done.

Then I watched this.

And suddenly, my to-do list felt much more doable.

{On} Civetta.

image via
As more time goes by, the more I realize that the days I dedicated to writing, reading, commenting, & best of all~ connecting with new friends- beyond my own four walls- will always remain some of the best days of my life. 

That said, I plan on getting back to it... or better stated~ making time for it. 

Thanks to my beautiful, hilarious, soulful {#505} friend (&, like most of my 'blogger friends'~ we have never met. in person that is. but we will! beer/wine/coffee/green chili aplenty), I have an ENTRYWAY:).

She asked if I would fill out one of those questionnaires that I (apparently, we!) love so much. They are without-a-doubt the first pages that catch my eye in a magazine... Wasn't Real Simple the first to feature the ones with 'real' [non-famous or high-profile] people? Well, those were definitely my favorites. The ones I could relate to. I was honored that she asked me, & was overly excited to participate.

Thought I'd share it with you... & more importantly, share her, & her creative space so that you could get to know this lovely soul for yourself. {Here you go!}
{how can you not love a person who takes a picture like this??} 
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