Our summer.

{since this is the blog is essentially my journal ~ or the closest i have to one ~ and since i have failed to post in this "journal" on a regular any basis, i'd like to share 'our summer' in a single post. in other words, i apologize for the onslaught of photos. ~unedited photos! *read this: paragraph #2.}

a garden, a graduation, a big-10-celebration, a few picnics, a "few" bottles of wine, 
family & friends, pierced ears & a clean shave, 
a well-checked list
& many, many memories.

A new day.

On July 1st, Ryan officially graduated. 

This past month, as he has transitioned into a new job, and out of endless hours/weekends of homework, 
I have watched him "get his life back."

And what a difference a weekend of NO HOMEWORK makes.

  We get to venture out of the house as a family, instead of this all-day-scendario.  
 I can now lure him out to the backyard (not that it takes much any luring) to enjoy a margarita (or two)... 

Oh, and that 'honey-do list' {the 3 1/2 year-in-the-making one!}?
...like I said, what a difference a weekend of no homework makes.

Speaking of homework~ the kids have 9 days of summer left.
 We intend on making them count. 
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