When purchasing a gift, isn't it equally important to consider what that person would enjoy, as it is to consider what they need?  Sometimes, the best gifts offer both pleasure and functionality.

All of Knock Knock's gifts and stationary products are designed with this intention.  Witty. Smart. Funny. Functional.   They say it best in their philosophy statement...
Our domain is desire rather than necessity, though we seek to infuse our creations with utility and meaning. 

And having worked in a large corporation for 12 years,  I can definitely appreciate this... 
Idiosyncrasy, eccentricity, humor, controversy, and opinion are infinitely more interesting than corporate homogenization, committee-decision-making dilution, and widest-possible-audience scheming.

If you are looking for a gift, or a well-designed - yet fun tool to organize your thoughts, chores, meals, or your LIFE in general, look no further.

Here are some personal favorites {click on images to see a larger view}... 
the never-ending to-do's - 
around the house, paper-work, errands, phone calls, info. & communication to-do's

 {a mouse-pad to have right @ your fingertips while web browsing/e-mail reading!}

Lists, notes, reminders aplenty

handy tools and/or gifts for the corporate worker, the not-so-political-savvy, and the home maintenance mgr.


  1. These are so fun! I'm always carrying around about 4 different "to do" lists, so these would be perfect! I love the idea of getting a gift that is fun and practical.


  2. i love all of these and would love any of these as a gift! Anything to help me stay organized is always appreciated.

  3. these are so adorable + fun! thanks for sharing!

    xo Alison

  4. Thank you so much for letting me know about that link! It's weird, the link is right, but it's just down for some reason. So I swapped it out for a similar recipe and changed my commentary on what I added. It was so good! I'm going to make it again this weekend. :)


  5. Oh my gosh- i am an organizer-holic and these are awesome. I have never heard of this company before but now i will have to get me some to do lists and the planner! Great for me and great for a present- my mom needs more organization in her life maybe i will get it for her! LOL!


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