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One of the best parts about reading blogs is the incredible amount of inspiration that I receive from others... other 'everyday' people that I would otherwise not have the pleasure of interacting with on a day-to-day basis.  It's a different kind of inspiration from reading a magazine article or watching a show on t.v.  It's more personal.  It's like recipe swapping with the neighbor or receiving a great tip from a talented friend.

Last week, I was most inspired in the area of food.  I had time and ingredients on my side and spent a good deal of the weekend testing the recipes for myself.  And the best part is 're-tweeting' them if you will - or for those of you who are not twitter fans - simply sharing them with you [... hence, the title of my blog:)].

First up:  Valerie's - a stylish and talented friend and author of the blog with the best title, "Red Vines for Breakfast"  - Artichoke Pesto.

Next, a drink featured on the endlessly inspiring, design*sponge that I  needed to "research" further... the Sardinian Blood-Orange Mojito.  Although to my dismay, blood oranges were nowhere to be found, and Trader Joe's was out of Blood Orange Soda.  Not willing to forgo the project, I used a little bottle of orange-strawberry juice instead.  Definitely worked.

 A nice Sunday Pot Roast from another blogger friend, Jessica (who inspired me to start this blog!), at Kitchen Belleicious.  This is a special recipe because it was taught to her early on - before she became a total southern kitchen PRO - by her grandmother and mother.

Last, but definitely not least, Oatmeal Sandwich Bread from the lovely Orangette blog.  Apparently, Molly and I share the same love of toast, which is why I was very inspired create a loaf for us to enjoy for breakfast this week.  This serves 2 purposes though.  My sister-in-law, grandma, and myself made and canned lots of jam a couple of months ago, and I still have a few jars that have sat lonely in the pantry.  Hailey has decided that she no longer likes peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, which was our primary means of 'going through' jam.



  1. This is great and I have seriously printed all of these and have a folder called "blogger recipes!" And I have posted recipes on my blog and the best part is when people I know let me know they have tried a recipe! So much fun. Thanks,

  2. Aww, thanks for referencing me! I'm glad you were able to try out the pesto. Everything you made looks amazing! I love those weekends where I can try many new recipes. Glad you had a nice weekend cooking!


  3. Yum! These all sound great. Love your blog!

  4. I see Blood Oranges at Whole Foods pretty regularly...

    Def. going to try making that bread!

  5. Wow! Oatmeal Sandwich bread sounds intriguing I will go look on her website!

    P.S. Have you read her book "The Homemade Life"? It's super good! :)


  6. Kim-
    It's funny, because we just (this morning) purchased a blood orange tree! Someday, we'll have a permanent supply for 'blood orange mojitos!' Problem solved:).


    I do have her book... unfortunately sitting (very cutely, I might add) on my kitchen shelf. I can't wait to start reading it though.

  7. That artichoke pesto sounds great! I'll have to try that recipe one of these days. Thank you also for stopping by my blog...it's much appreciated!

  8. MMMMM, my favorite topic...food. Not to mention the blood orange mojito sounds pretty good too. Will definitely have to try these recipes.


  9. You did SOOO good on the pot roast. I am so proud of you. I hope it lived up to your expectations. I am back from vacation( did i tell you I was on vacation? oh well) so I am catching up on all your posts! Love ya and so glad you won that giveaway- have you gotten it yet?

  10. I have a blood orange tree too, but unfortunately we lost all of our fruit to high winds this spring. :( Holding out for next year!


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