The eternal question.

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"What to Eat" pads available @ KNOCK KNOCK.
*I start my week on Monday, & "end" it on Sunday... hence, the rearranging of days.

 I go back and forth in weekly meal planning.  Sometimes it's a roadway to a week of structure, routine, and organization.  Other times, it's more of a roadblock to spontaneity, creativity, and the simplicity of making do.  With Thanksgiving knocking @ the door, Ryan's birthday this Sunday, and not to mention, Hailey has minimum day everyday, this is a definite Type-A-Personality-Week.  One bulk grocery trip... eating at a decent time, and more importantly, no pondering WHAT TO EAT. 
Some recipe links, if you too, are looking for a little cooking inspiration and in a planning kinda mood...
Chocolate Nut Bread (needed to use up cake flour and buttermilk... love that you can type in the ingredients that you have for quick recipe suggestions!)

Shrimp Tikka Masala (from Naina's stylish blog, an extremely popular Indian dish)
Roasted Broccoli & Cauliflower (the best method for roasting broccoli) 
Dirty Risotto (loosely basing ours on this recipe... a perfect end-of-the-week "use-up" dish)

Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies (can't wait to try Valerie's SIMPLE recipe... Ryan's favorite cookie, and it's his birthday and all :)
*Stay tuned for a perfect "get-up-and-go smoothie recipe"!  (I'm sure the anticipation is just killing you.)


  1. I have to plan my week otherwise I end up in the kitchen at 5 with no idea what to do. I use meal planner on my iPhone and it creates a grocery list for you. Love it. I was going to send you a link to a post I did that shows it....but I can't find it. Monday morning. Brain still asleep!
    Also...this week for dinner is a great site where people share their weekly menus. Very good for inspiration. And your plan for the week looks pretty yummy!!

  2. i have to admit - i'm totally grateful tony does the cooking. if it were up to me... it would be the same few things each week. i have zero creativity when it comes to meals. thank goodness tony does!
    ps - i like that notepad - cute!!

  3. I am horrible at meal planning. I hate to plan my meals though I finally do it right before I go grocery shopping or (eeek!) in my head as I dash through the grocery store! But I find I have to do it or I waste too much money and end up with all the wrong things in the fridge. But I love that you and a couple other bloggers I read do this because I get to find all sorts of yummy recipes. This week, I may have to go for that chocolate bread.

  4. @claire--can you send tony over here for awhile? he would be an excellent example for my hubby.

    i am lacking some serious inspiration right now. i can't even make a list. can't we just eat cheerios and frozen peas for dinner? maybe i should order some of that cute paper... sigh.

  5. I know what you mean. I love meal planning but sometimes I hate making the meals I planned a head and bought all the ingredients to make.

    Usually though, I'm way happier when I've planned the meals.

    I hope your week doesn't get to out of control.

  6. Great job on the planning! My Aunt always had the week's menu on her fridge and my goal has been to do the same. I love it when I actually do, but I haven't been lately. Perhaps I'll try to get into the habit over the next 7 weeks and make it a 2011 resolution!

  7. I love meal planning, cannot live without knowing what I'm eating tomorrow!

  8. uh can you please come over and plan my meals for the week? This is such a huge issue around here. If only I get be more organized with dinner! I love anything with butternut squash so I have to try that soup. I was looking at Rachel Ray mag yesterday and saw butternut squash/onion pizza that sounded delicious. Ok enjoy all your cooking!!! naina

  9. Danielle-
    I will FIND that post! (so if you see strange "search words" in your stats, they're probably from me. Not that I have an iPhone, but someday:). Thanks for that other site... headed over there in a minute!

    I know I've shared, but I can totally relate. It took me YEARS to get in the kitchen (thank God for husbands that can and like to cook)!! Maybe someday?? Or maybe not:).

    It's so strange, because I feel so much better when I plan, and the kids love seeing visually what's "coming up"... but there's this anti-planner living inside of me too. But for the most part, I think it's totally worth the extra time and effort- at least for the weekday meals.

    If you can't have Tony, you can at least get some of that cute paper, right?? :)

    Damaris & Karen-

    Love your food passion (a girl after my own heart:)... can you imagine the food we could create if we were neighbors??

    I am particularly excited for Wednesday's dinner:)... and yes- try that soup (will not be disappointed)!

  10. I'm speechless at how organized you are, Torrie! This is amazing. I need to download some of those "what to eat" pads. I try to map things out in my head when I'm at the grocery store, but it never seems to work out the way I envision it. Thank you for including my pb cookies recipe! I hope you and your family (especially Ryan, since it's his bday) like them as much as we do! And happy birthday to Ryan! Sending lots of will power your way (per your request). ;)


  11. This is truly amazing! I have to say figuring out what to make for dinner is the hardest part. I am definitely going to download some of those pads. This would be so helpful in organizing my week. I am sometimes jealous at how organized you are. You do so much and always have the best ideas.


  12. I think I need to make chocolate nut bread STAT! YUM!

  13. oh this list looks heavenly. i have the same meal planning list, although i haven't been using it lately (shame on me). it certainly makes cooking simpler.

  14. Meal planning completely overwhelms me and makes me feel like the biggest loser of a wife and mother. I'm not sure I'll ever figure it out. Going to try your roasted broccoli recipe for sure and those peanut butter cookies sound amazing. My favorite as well. Love the salty and sweet.

  15. Love that notepad!! I have to make a meal plan (usually based on what sales are going on) and then a grocery list, otherwise I wander around the grocery store and buy a bunch of random things and never end up with enough for actual meals.

    I am going to have to try some of those recipes!! I am always up for new things!

  16. Duuude, can I have you come & meal plan for me? Yours look so versatile & delicious! & I also really like your handwriting!

    The post about life being art is very beautiful. Like walking by a rose & catching the scent. So lovely.

  17. Torrie! I just love you look at life! I love who you are :)


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