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From the time I passed out (from candy & activity overdose) to the time I entered the web (specifically Blogland) - on November 2nd, oh- at about 8:30am...

Autumn seems to have disappeared - instantaneously displaced with Christmas cards, gift lists, "Keep it simple" tips, party dresses, advent calendars, holiday menus, decorations, crafts, music, downloads, tags, wrapping paper, and countdowns.  What was that about keeping it simple???  I am all for planning ahead, but WHOA.  I better take down these Halloween decorations and pull out November's Real Simple (ya know, so I can keep it simple)... and grab a cup o' coffee - or a glass (or 10) of wine.

So, here's the deal.  I do need to dive in to holiday planning mode.  1) Thanksgiving's at our house.  2) Shopping was done at this time last year; this year, nothing.  And 3) like everyone else out there, I simply want to be productive so that we can enjoy the season.  For these reasons- I am LOVING anything that helps me stay organized, inspired, and calm.

I've written about a couple of these items, here- and here, and I now have a new internet love - Pinterest.  Seriously love it.  I signed up a while back, but thought it was just another thing to manage and update.  Not the case.  You sign up.  They send you a code to get started.  You drag a "Pin It" button to your toolbar... and VOILA.  A virtual pinboard, for you to pin away with the click of a button- anytime you see something that you are inspired by, want to save, share, blog, do, buy...  

I'd really love it if you all joined with me.  I'm just starting out, but how fun it would be to fill our boards together, and inspire one another in a more immediate, direct way.  Not another social network site to manage or keep up with- and sources are automatically credited.  My boards are right here, if you'd like to see :).  I'm off to dig up, or "pin" up some more pictures (preferably Autumn pictures).

For this week's recipes click here (Autumn has definitely not exited the recipe-exchange-building).


  1. I feel ready for Christmas and Hannukah, but totally unprepared for Thanksgiving. And I'm hosting an early one the weekend prior to I need to figure it out soon!!

  2. LOVE this idea! thx for sharing!

  3. coincidence, just started pinning myself two days ago. =) autumn's gone and christmas is upon us but wtf is up with this 100 degree weather????? over it.

    can't believe you had ALL you shopping done at this time last year! over achiever much? ;)

  4. I feel exactly the same way, Torrie. It's only the first week of November and I'm already feeling behind on all the "holiday preparations". I like to get things done early so I can relax and leisurely enjoy the season. So November is usually a busy month for me. We also have a trip to Scottsdale next week and one to Chicago in December that are going to take up a few of our precious holiday weekends. So trying to get ahead before those get here. But super excited about them!


  5. What a great idea to share..It does seem like a great way to keep track of things to love/want! As for holiday shopping I am always a big procrastinator...maybe I will do better this year :). One can hope! And Stephanie I am with weather please begone..It is only 10am and I am running my air?!?

  6. I love pinterest! Sometimes I forget to pin stuff but I bookmark so I can set time aside for pinning later. ;)

  7. yes i love being organized and keeping it simple when it comes to the holidays, yet i love soaking up the fall for as long as i can. great idea with pinterest, i'll have to check that out.

  8. Stephanie-
    Key words- *last year* :) (where is that over achiever in me THIS year??)
    ...tracked ya down, & am now following you on pinterest.

    Now following you:).

    Everyone else-
    Let me know your username if you join so I can track you down too!!

  9. Neat board!
    Our grocery store has huge wreaths hanging on the front of the building, decorations displayed as you walk in and Christmas music already. TOO SOON for my liking!!!!
    I've been pretty good about gift shopping so I won't be stressed about that, but there are always stressors. I like the Keep it Simple theme, but have to keep freminding myself of it!

  10. sounds like you have a lot to do for the holidays and you are making me realize all that I probably need to do. I have not heard of this site but I clicked on it and it looks interesting. I often wonder where to keep all the good stuff I find on blogs and web. I might actually give it a try! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  11. Hmmm - looks interesting. Might have to check it out!!

  12. uh, officially obsessed with pinterest now. and decided to drop xmas cards from the list of things to do this year. just saved myself about $500 and a LOAD of stress. yipeeeee. here's to being an under achiever. =)

  13. that is so neat!what a great idea and it would be fun for older kids to do as well!

  14. I love the idea of Pinterest. I am definitely going to go check it out. Thank you for the post.



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