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The week has been a roller coaster.  An extra amount of kid-drama (and that's an understatement). _ And to think, they're home with me for the next 2 days- and pretty much the whole month of November... {BREATH}.  [*Disclaimer:  I LOVE being with my kids, but I'll pass on the extra drama!]

Yep.  Lots of highs and lows in a matter of what, 2 days?!  However, there has been lots of doingand since you probably don't want to hear about the mountains of laundry I've climbed, the piles of dishes I've hurdled through, the toilets I've tackled- okay, anyways...

What has remained consistent, has been my morning cup of Starbucks, and the accompanying blog reading.  In so many areas, big and small, during that cup (or 2) of sipping, I've felt utterly connected, inspired, motivated, and informed (enough to change, to do, to share).  And lately, it's got me thinking about why I love blogging...
...It is entirely customizable, just like a Starbucks coffee beverage!  And the combination choices are literally ENDLESS.  Whether you have 1 or 1000 followers, everyone- and I mean everyone- has their own unique customization choices in both how they create and maintain their own blog, and how they form their own "daily-read" list.  It reminds me of my Starbucks barista days, when my primary job requirement was to get to know each 'regular' by serving them their personal, customized, favorite beverage of choice.  

Yes- each person (and blog) is similar in many ways, but every single one of them has their own spin- their own style, their own partiality & preferences, their own blend.  And that is why I continue to read your blogs, and add new ones to my already full reader... So, today, "I'd like to order a double-tall-stlyle-w/ cooking-x-tra motherhood-no travel-light photography blog please."  (and for the next 2 days, I think I'll be take it black)


  1. Girl, I love you more and more everyday! I realize how creepy that sounds and hope it doesn't freak you out! ahaha

    I LOVE the comparison! Love this post!!

  2. That's perfect. As you know us Washingtonians take our coffee orders verrrry seriously. It's a science. :)

    I've had a family blog for over 3 years but it wasn't until I started my fashion blog that I really discovered the blog community. It's been so fun making connections and discovering a new way to procrastinate chores.

    Perfectly put post!


  3. Oh yes, I agree with the other ladies. So very well put, Torrie. I recently told someone new to blogging that she was in for the "ride of her life" and I meant it. It is weird to non-bloggers, I think, how attached we get to our blogging buddies and their blogs. For me, it's about connecting with people close and far from me geographically, but always close in heart.

  4. So sorry you've been dealing with too much drama. My girls have been on each other lately like they've never been before. Is there a full moon? I'd like to blame something temporary...that way I can hope they'll be their loving little selves in a matter of a day or two!
    (raising my coffee cup) "cheers"!

  5. Love it! Can I order up my day too? I'd like that. A custom order of no tantrums extra hugs please. Totally agree about the blog variety making it great. I always say that I love having coffee each morning with all my friends...over my reader that is.

  6. This was so great..I love it....you kinda made my day with this post!

  7. I'm sorry you've been having extra kid drama! I hope it gets better soon. It's amazing how my morning cup of coffee can (at least temporarily) fix almost any problem and make me feel relaxed and energized at the same time. Hang in there!


  8. I know exactly how you feel about the good and not-so-good things. This post is truly inspiring, you are so right, the blogging world is amazing!

    I love your order for today!

  9. Suzie-
    NO, not creepy at all- and thank you!! This post actually reminded me of a post you'd write:).

    Ooooh yes- I know you Washingtonians verrry well :). A downside to leaving the company... don't get to visit anymore (well, paid for visits, that is). That's cool that you have a family blog too!

    Perfectly stated.

    Karen- Seriouslllllly. Fingers crossed that the "air" will clear- today!

    I'll have what your having + 1 maid:).

    Danielle, Valerie, Ana-
    Very sweet. :)

  10. Great post! I so appreciate those days when I am overwhelmed (in a good way) by the blogging inspiration. It's such a special community. Good luck in these next two days. I'll be home with my toddler so wish me luck! I almost cried when I read the sign announcing her preschool is closed tomorrow.

  11. Absolutely perfectly put! I can't do without my daily cuppa joe or blogs!

  12. Great metaphor. I drank a giant latte (two shots, regular milk) in a bowl (!) around 4:30 so I see some blog quality time in my future...since this lady ain't going to bed anytime soon!

    Semi-related: an acquaintance of mine's son wanted to be a barista for Halloween a few years ago when he was 2-3 years old. He wore a black shirt, khakis, green apron and went around saying "Can I get a drink started for you?" Love!

  13. Perfect metaphor!! It seems it's a drama week out there ;) Reading everyone is such a nice (necessary) break in my day as well!!

  14. Rebecca-

    Love that! With all of the aprons we have, it's nice to know we always have a back-up costume:).

  15. Love this post! LOVE. IT.
    Also loving the one on dinner planning...my ongoing challenge and weekly dilemma.



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