Before the clock strikes 12 --

Our Halloween.
So, when I said "Today it all begins" the other day, I was not exaggerating!  It was a non-stop weekend of Poltergeist & Young Frankenstein, baking, costume-changing, pumpkin-decorating, trick-or-treating, --------- AND I AM WIPED OUT.  

It was a very full few days, but also lots of fun.  I vote to have Halloween on a weekend every year.  And the kids had today off, which meant no worries of getting to bed early, but it also contributed to a day of unplugging, and a midnight post.  So, a bit of our weekend in pictures {and a few words} - before I pass out... 
Our annual dinner of chili, cornbread, Kir Royales + delicious pumpkin cookies.

A cutie-pie-cowgirl, and a jolly gnome (and a handsome husband).

A drill happy mother... and daughter  (yeah, maybe lazy, but FUN - and polka dots!), a bum, and a spooky fountain.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween, and I look forward to reading ALL about it - tomorrow, or I guess it would be today... now that's scary.


  1. :) ha i love the pumpkin!! also - i have a thing for gnomes so i love that costume!! (and the cowgirl is cute too!)

  2. It looks like you had a fun weekend!!

    Your children are adorable!! the costumes!

    That polka-dot pumpkin is awesome!!

  3. mm pumpkin cookies? thanks for the link!

    looks like a really festive halloween to me.

  4. Looks like a great time was had! I hope you slept well. Now the Thanksgiving and holiday priming starts! :)

  5. Your pumpkins are so cute! And the cowgirl and gnome costumes are adorable! Sounds like you did have a busy weekend. How funny, these Martha stewart cookies are on my list of things I want to make this month! I've heard they're amazing! Glad you had a great halloween!


  6. Awww, that cowgirl costume is super cute!!

  7. wow looks like you got a ton of stuff accomplished! We had some chili and cornbread on Halloween as well. And those pumpkins look awesome. So much fun!! naina

  8. I had no idea people drill into pumpkins! :) Trying that next year.

  9. Now that is some serious pumpkin carving!! Looks like a fun time!

  10. Looks like you had a little too much fun carving those pumpkins. They turned out super cute. Your kids are adorable as always. Jacob as a gnome is amazing and Hailey is so cute as a cowgirl. I am glad you had a great Halloween weekend.



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