Meet & Greet... an online class reunion.

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So, when Michelle  asked if I (because I know she was 'speaking' directly to me) 'have the chutzpah to participate in an online class reunion of sorts' for today's Meet and Greet, I replied, "Oh, I definitely have the chutzpah!"  [To self:  "What IS chutzpah??"]
In all seriousness, I thought this was a perfect idea to poke a little fun at our era (and ourselves) - and to get to know each other a little better.  It was pretty amusing diving into my past for a bit... 
...the rockin' 90's.  The era of overalls, Doc Martens, 90210 (Oh, wait, that show's still on.), acid washed, high waist [mom] jeans, bare midriffs, Clueless, pegged pants, Nirvana, body suits, Saved by the Bell, Vanilla Ice... Yes.  I've sported quite a few all of these trends, as evident in some of these flashback photos.  Maybe I'm better at staying on top of trends than I realized.
To put it bluntly, high school was not my favorite time.  When graduation came, I was definitely not one of the many gals sobbing that it was all coming to an end.  I was pretty much on the other end of the spectrum of, "Please give me my diploma so I can get outta here and start my real life!"  I went to a tiny school, and didn't really fit into any category- not a jock, cheerleader, or band geek.  Just a few good friends, lots of acquaintances, and a "mysterious" boyfriend (who attended another school).  Here's a little glimpse...
   the boyfriend, or high school sweetheart, now husband (of 13 years!)
{both sporting the pegged jeans}
the senior pic
{with slight bags under the eyes from staying out way too late the night before}
senior "banquet"
{my school didn't use the term "prom"}
the bare midriff
{was not going to include, but too silly not to... 'chutzpah'}
a slight step up (+ a body suit)
{from the pegged jean days}
Thanks for joining me on my stroll down memory lane!  I can't wait to see the much-more-exciting-past of the other gals. 
Check 'em out for yourselves (links below)! 
Michelle at Studio Surface
Danielle at Elleinad Spir
Now your turn... Who were YOU back in the day???  Please share:).


  1. Oh Torrie, you look so cute! Which I guess was the point of the 90s anyway. But you really do. How amazing that your high school boyfriend has been your husband for 13+ years now. Love that pic of you with your cut-off shirt. If I had to pick, the one trend I would choose to come back is the pegged pants (not bodysuits, not shirts w/midriffs showing (no!!!)

  2. I was thinking about body suits and bare middles the other day. How was I ever thin/brave/confident enough to wear those looks?!?! So glad we did this meet and greet!

  3. Torrie I love this post! You are too funny! I love your "banquet" photo, so classy! and it is so cute to see you with your Lovey then and now. You rock!

  4. Love it!!!

    So you already know I was obsessed with 90210! :D I wanted to be Kelly! Ha ha! And yes, bodysuits, bare midriff (my poor dad! ha ha), Rave hairspray, blue eyeliner. I grew up by the beach in VA, so I wanted to find my Dylan McKay! ahaha

    Love that you and your husband are high school sweethearts!!

  5. Love it! Your photos are great. Especially love the bare midrift. I never pulled that off but I totally remember that. And mom jeans! So funny.

  6. love this post! =) what year did you graduate?

  7. Torrie, these pictures are so adorable and I LOVE seeing all the 90s trends! You rocked them all! And I did NOT know that you married your high school sweetheart! That's amazing!!! It's so fun to see/hear what you were like in high school. You have a ton of chutzpah! On a separate note, you should definitely come next time we have a blogger date! I'll keep you posted on the day/details. Hope you had a great weekend.


  8. Torrie you looked great! I love the sophisticated senior pic with the hand under your chin. And the midriff pic is super cute.
    It's funny how quickly we forget what we did, what we wore and then looking at the pictures I laugh because it does feel like a class reunion in some way. (Note I didn't even go to either my 10 or 15 year). Maybe that's why I got this idea? Who knows but it's fun to look back. Thanks for joining in!

  9. Michelle- Seriously, I loved this idea.

    And I kept to my senior year... MUCH better self-deprecating material in store, if I dig a little further back- even just a year or two- bangs curled under, bright purple prom (his was actually called a "prom") dress, scrunchies, super high jeans........

    Maybe someday, when I'm experiencing 'writers block' :).

  10. Minnie- Right there with ya (although bodysuits might not be such a bad idea- to tuck everything in:)

    Danielle & Estelle- As I commented on Estelle's post... Amazing how I flaunted around in little shirts, shorts, shirts... Who/where IS that person?? - someone who obviously had not yet had 2 kids:).

    Ana & Suzie- Thank you! I cannot believe that it has been that many years that we have been together. We were KIDS!

    Stephanie- '94... the early 90's:).

    Valerie- It's so funny. Even those who consider themselves non-trendy are still totally trendy when looking back. Looking back on the pictures and what everyone ELSE was wearing- family, HS friends, etc. ANY trends that I may have missed- they *caught, for sure:). Can't wait to meet!

  11. You are so cute Torrie! I was a little young (10 in 1990) but I sure did rock bodysuits, pegged jeans and scrunchies. I'll have to find some photos -- flash back fun!

    Ya'll will have a blast apple picking this weekend. Yes, let me know if you have any questions and I'll answer!

  12. Hahaha - the body suit!! I remember buying one of those. Too funny!


  13. Oh my gosh Torrie I love this post. I remember shopping at Wet Seal and always wishing I could buy/wear the midriff top. I knew better, but girl you rocked it!

  14. Omg, omg, omg!!!!! Love the pics!!! First of all, I TOTALLY rocked the pegged jeans too! The funny thing is, it's totally come back, just now in the form of a "skinny jean"! lol
    Secondly, your glamour pic is gorgeous! Lastly, I still wear body suits! They're totally practical for work shirts!! hee hee! Who wants to constantly make sure your shirt is tucked in!! :) Trips down memory lane are so much fun!!

  15. omg thanks for sharing those pictures!! love it!! (you were adorable by the way - even in midriff shirts!)

  16. I am guilty of all of the above. Every time I try the new "super skinny" jeans that are popular now, I am brought back to my pegging days. And just last week, I saw a bodysuit at Urban Outfitters - ACK! Thankfully, having children has completely ruled out any chance that I will ever share my midriff with the world again. ;)

  17. Oh my goodness! You and Ryan were so adorable. You have not changed much at all. You were/are beautiful and looked great in all those looks. I love the senior picture. So pretty.



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