On Friday, I asked if your weekend, would be filled with work - or play.

Ours was a little of both.  But I'll spare you the work part...

a rainy day, apple cider mimosas in spooky glasses & breakfast Toast Cups
{thanks to this post} 

(* cook's notes:  used ham instead of bacon- didn't need to pre-cook... cooked eggs longer due to picture below- easy yolk removal, for a non-yolk eater)

a trip to the pumpkin patch...

...for some round and not-so-round pumpkins

(And what you're thinking this pumpkin looks like, is exactly the reason that Ryan chose it.)

 round & round... and jumpin' high (on a wet & dirty slide!)

It's going to be a rainy week here in southern CA, which means lot of warm beverages &  hot meals.  I look forward to heading over to Rikshaw Design to see what Catherine will be cooking up for today's recipe!  

...Have I mentioned how much I love this recipe exchange??


  1. how fun! um, i need to try those cups asap! look delicious :)

  2. Yummy!!! Those look delicious!!
    We had a similar weekend!! We went to a huge fall festival and pumpkin patch and did some baking. Perfect weekend!!

    Have a great week!! :)

  3. wow! that breakfast looks amazing. and your champagne flutes are so festive. love it.

  4. Those cups look amazing, Torrie! And the pictures from the pumpkin patch are so cute! haha, I love that Ryan chose that pumpkin. Hilarious. Glad you had a good weekend!


  5. your pictures are fantastic. the one with your son (I'm assuming it's your child) holding the pumkin by his ears is my favorite.

    Glad the toast cups worked for you.


    much thanks on the links for the halloween treat ideas. Cupcakes are a must but I'm so scared to make cupcakes. They rarely turn out the way I want them too.

    I need to get over my fear and start trying baking cupcakes again

  6. see? another great "muffin?" =0)

    love the photos and this weather! yay. hope it lasts. just ordered a pair of hunter wellies, need some justification for them, you know?

  7. I have always wanted to try those toast cup things. On my list now for sure!!!

  8. ooh we need to plan a pumpkin patch visit -- so fun!

  9. This is the easiest breakfast- especially if you use ham! Perfect for a weekday or a brunch. Next, I do plan on doctoring 'em up a bit- pancetta, mozzarella, Italian seasoning (like Damaris:).

    Stephanie- I was totally thinking of you when I made these- *another use for the muffin pan!

  10. I know I want in on the recipe exchange the next time around :)
    love all your much color and looks like you had an amazing weekend with your family. Those breakfast toast cups and mimosas are looking pretty good too Torrie! naina

  11. It looks like Jacob and Hailey had so much fun at the pumpkin patch. Which one did you guys go to? I usually take the girls to one in Escondido. I love the breakfast you made. It looks amazing. Something I must try (if I ever have the time).


  12. Looks like the perfect weekend! I'll have to try the breakfast toast cups. I've made the Lasagna cups (
    and my kids (& husband!) loved them!

  13. Those bfast cups sound really good right now. Mmmmm. Love the image with the framed pumpkin and your kids.

  14. Karen-
    I saw the mac & cheese cups a while back on Stephanie's blog (which I still need to make), and now these! I have a box of lasagna noodles in my pantry (the flat kind)... so next time I am in the mood for lasagna- this will be what I make, for sure:). Thank you for sharing!

  15. Sounds like you guys had the perfect fall weekend. Those glasses are hilarious, but what I'm really ogling is those delicious-looking toast cup things. We usually just do the usual eggs-waffles-potatoes on weekends. This may be just what we need to mix it up a bit, especially since my husband is requesting that mac and cheese dish again.

  16. OMG, yum. Those look delicious! Love all the fun pumpkin patch pics! I took the dude alone already, but I'm hoping that we can get the hubs there before Halloween too!

  17. Wow. Pumpkins and spooky Halloween glasses and apple cider mimosas and toast cups?! Your weekend seems like so much fun! What lucky kids you have!

    PS I am LOVING all this rain we're having. It sets the Halloween mood perfectly.

  18. I def am making those cups! And to the muffin pan comments: I love using it other purposes. Like mini potato or sweet potato gratins! An easy way to have the food portioned out and fun for the kiddos!

  19. Joanna-
    Totally loving it. Too bad it's supposed to end today!

    That sounds delicious too! Thanks for another great idea:).

  20. Those toasts cups looks delicious. Definitely looks easy enough to swap out ingredients, too! And the pumpkin is awesome. Can't wait to see pics of him cutting into it...


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