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No "What we did this weekend" post today.  Nor "Recipes: tried & true."  Instead, a simple ask for help.

I alluded to it a bit here, but I'll just come right out and say it.  

My exercise routine has been non-existent for the past few months.  I had been wanting to switch things up a bit at the end of summer.  Somehow that "switching things up" turned into doing nothing.  Of course, there's the occasional walk here and there.  The running around the house frantically cleaning before guests arrive.  The squatting down to pick up dirty clothes scattered throughout.  But in full disclosure, nothing that's bringing me remotely closer to any of the 5 pairs of dusty jeans hanging out in my closet.

So, without further ado, I'd like to ask you...

What do you do to stay active, to exercise, to fit into those jeans?

I am ready to switch things up- for real this time.  I truly look forward to your comments on this topic, so for any "non-commenters" lurking out there, PLEASE jump right in and share! 


  1. Hey Torrie-I know sometimes it's hard to get motivated to work out! I have been running lately and doing core fusion. Sat I went to dance workout and it was great b/c I learned some new dance moves and it was combined iwth pilates. But I think honestly if you are jumping back into it cardio is a great place to start to jumpstart your plan!

  2. Ok, so I am one of those that always reads your blog and hardly ever leaves comments. But just know that I love every single one. : )

    But I felt compelled to share today (and I'm home with a sick kid too) So, a year and a half ago I made the decision to run a half marathon. I am not a runner, never have been, never will be a "for real" runner. For me, it's the idea that I paid a lot of money to do it and told everyone I was going to do it, so I had the whole accountability thing hanging over my head. Since that first one, I have continued to sign up for more just to keep me in the running game. I wish I could tell you that I love everything about it but I don't and I have never understood the whole "runner's high" bit. But I do love the feeling I get from it- the physical benefits, the pride I feel when I finish, and knowing that I got my money's worth!

    You can do it!!!

  3. oh i wish i had some advice for you, but i am right there with ya. we have a stationery bike, which my husband has been using lately, but not me. i think i just need to buckle down and commit to riding at least a little everyday.

  4. so full disclosure first --have not worked out in a YEAR (yes, that's what i said three six five days!) because of a back injury.

    secondly, BEFORE said back injury i had a love affair with running. and it began when i signed up for a 10K. I had about 10 lbs of baby weight left. it wasn't budging. G was about 9 months old and i wanted to wear my clothes again. but clearly fitting back into my jeans was not motivation enough. having a GOAL that had nothing to do with a size or a number on a scale was the GAME CHANGER for me. I found a training schedule, rallied a group of girlfriends to train with me (although it was cyber training as we could never get together to actual run together) and followed the schedule. I sent out daily funny reminders to my friends. i was "the coach."

    most of my runs were on a treadmill b/c of childcare issues but my once a week long runs were in the beautiful outdoors of newport beach and oh! i cherished them not just for the run, but for the time alone and the time to enjoy being responsible only to myself (when EVER does that happen???) yes, i was also eating healthy (which i do always for the most part except for the epic sweet tooth i have) but it seemed those 10 lbs magically melted off my body (not to mention a few extra) but i was not focused on that anymore (of course I was stoked to wear all my fab clothes but,) i was focused on the goal, either the daily training goal, or increasing my speed, or getting my friend becky (who never works out and is a size 0) to get her skinny lazy ass off the couch, or making it a priority to get my weekend run in regardless of what was going on with the girlies, or creating a new "run stephanie run" mix on my ipod...

    sorry this comment is so long. very passionate about this process and missing it so. damn. much. right now.

    so anyway, long story short...(you know me and my long stories=) i think what worked for me was finding a reason other than my skinny jeans to exercise and take care of myself and put myself first at least once a week. i found the reason on accident. i hope you find it on purpose. xo

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  6. I find that the easiest way to stay motivated is to find something you love doing that is also exercise. I have friends who love zumba because they love to dance, or surfing, swimming, tennis, etc. I like mixing it up and trying new things, but I always come back to my love of yoga to keep me motivated. I like that it constantly challenges me and just when I think I can do almost anything, something new is introduced that totally throws me off balance and makes me fall on my face (in a good way). I also like the fact that I can do it anywhere and all I need is my trusty yoga mat (and I could even survive without it if I had to).

    I also enjoy running, especially if I have some great new music on my ipod. Good luck and I hope you find something you love! Keep us posted.


  7. I am so bad about exercise. My husband started doing the P90X workout program (he just uses the dvds w/ included equipment~ no supplements) and I truly noticed a difference in his body within 2 weeks. He keeps telling me to try it but I just don't feel I have the time. I know I'll feel great if I do, I've just gotta' do it!

  8. WOW. This is absolutely wonderful, and VERY much appreciated.

    A lot to take in, but all valuable information. I really do want to do something that I will *stick to, and that will make me look like Hilary (ha, ha- kidding:). But really, something that will make a visible difference on the outside, but will also improve how I feel on the inside.

    I need to close the computer for a bit (which is part of the whole exercise problem- or lack-thereof), but later, I will be emailing you with further comments and ?'s. Something for me to look forward to (after laundry:).

    Again, THANK YOU...& I look forward to *more comments (hint, hint)!!!

  9. Well, I wish I could offer some wise words on the work out front but I've been in a funk for a couple years. I used to love to run and signing up for a race usually got me really motivated but that has not worked for me recently. But I still think a goal/challenge is a good motivator. I wanted to thank you for your comment. The magazine looks amazing and it's got me thinking that maybe I will submit a bit of writing to it. That is just what I needed this morning. Thank you and I'll be checking out the book too.

  10. I run around the house and yard chasing after my son then run around in the kitchen grabbing things here and there to cook then for errands I am typically running around the entire store to try and make the trip short because my son does not like to run errands. Needless to say I don't do any of it on purpose but that's my secret!

    Hey- and the steak sandwich on today's post is slightly spicy with a tanginess! Kinda of like some fajita meat tends to be because of the vinegar! XOXO J

  11. Yay! I love pilates and I highly recommend you try it.

  12. My response is going to be all over the place, because that's the way my workouts are! :)

    First, I go for a long walk every morning with the dog and my son in his stroller. I used to run, but my knees are all jacked up now (I think I am getting old!), so I have to walk.

    We dance like fools constantly. Just blasting music and dancing with my son enough to sweat. My husband is not home when I do this...I swear we are not a weird freak family. Ha.

    I also have pilates bands and do my own version of pilates. The bands are so great and came with a DVD...I think I got them at Barnes and Nobles in the cheap section...maybe $9.99?

    I have a BenderBall (from an infomercial!) for when I do sit-ups and I love that thing. I have 5 and 8lb hand weights that I use every morning (maybe 10 minutes).

    I also run like a madwoman after my little one and also blast music when cleaning!

    Oh and I do lunges and squats and leg lifts while blow-drying my hair.

    Ok..re-reading this, I sound like a complete freak!!...but this works for me. I cannot seem to find a solid block of time to work out, but fitting it into various activities or chores helps me get it done without even really feeling like a work out....even just squeezing my butt while cooking! Ha ha...I'm not joking. :)

    You can do it, Torrie!! The main thing is doing something that is fun for you because they you will actually be excited to do it!!

  13. Have you tried Zumba? I highly, highly recommend! Lots of gyms have childcare. Dropping my kid off for an hour is enough motivation for me to exercise! I wish you luck getting back into it. Not easy I know.

  14. Thanks for the motivation....I too have been slacking ever since my 2nd little lovebug was born this year. I have tried s few fad diets (yes I am that girl) only to be disappointed...so I cant wait to see more tips too...I like the
    "squeeze your butt while cooking"...now that I CAN do!

  15. Wow, I feel like such a couch potato after reading the comments from all the fit moms who read your blog. Especially Suzie at Cupcake Monkey (no she doesn't sound like a freak, just very dedicated). Actually, I rarely sit on the couch and don't watch much TV but honestly haven't made working out a priority the way I used to before having kids. Back then, I used to run and go to the gym on a regular basis.

    I admire all moms who do make exercising a priority because I tried getting back into an exercise routine various times since having my first child and just couldn't get into it. Too tired, too distracted thinking about everything else that I needed to do, etc. I finally decided to watch my diet so my weight doesn't balloon and to move as much as possible (walks, dancing w/kids, taking stairs instead of escalators. etc). That has kept my weight steady but I'm certainly no athlete.

    That said, I know I do want to be in shape again and have been thinking of trying home videos again, which didn't work when I was single but then I had the option of running outside or going to the gym. I'll have to come back and see what other suggestions are made because I could use a good kick in the butt right about now! :-)

  16. In the last month I've lost a dress size by getting active again. I tend to slack off for a couple months at at time and that has to stop. I've been during various Jillian Michaels and pilates vids. I get them all from On Demand!

  17. Thanks so much for visiting me, Torrie. Your blog is so intelligent and you're always so sweet I knew I had to "meet" you.

    Well, Zumba (dance/exercising to fast dance music) is the most crowded class at the YMCA where I work out because it's so fun it doesn't feel like working out, and because the pounds melt off. You don't have to be coordinated or know how to dance. You just have to be ready to shake what your mama gave you nonstop for an hour. I promise, a couple of these classes a week and your jeans will most certainly fit! I hope you find what works for you!

  18. Heidi-
    Thank you! I'm happy to have found your blog as well... and thank you for the clarification on the "dancing" part:). I am ready to try anything to get those jeans to fit (kinda Love my jeans)- well, not Anything, but you know what I mean:).

  19. I had this same problem recently - I found that I hadn't been to the gym in months and that I totally lost my motivation. So, my husband and I decided to sign-up for a 5K to gain a little motivation and set a goal. It's really helped. We've been running together about 3 or 4 times a week and I feel much better!!

  20. I keep hearing about Zumba, so I'm glad that Heidi explained it! :)

    I run and practice yoga every week. Also, I rarely sit down. :) Pilates has been on my list of things to try for months, so I hope to actually do it in the next few weeks.

  21. Hi Torrie! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Don't you just love Gwynnie (we're tight :))?

    I LOVE your blog...very inspirational and sweet all at the same time.

    Oh, so, staying fit...ummmmmm...my routine is pretty non-existent too. I *try* to work out on the weekends when my baby is napping, but it's hard. I end up taking long walks with her and our dog and also watching what I eat.

    Again, thanks, and happy Halloween weekend! Jess from Shades of Sunshine

  22. I do the Crunch video series. Mostly the yoga and pilates ones but some of the others too. The best part is some of them are broken down into 10 or 20 minute routines so if that's all you have time for you can still work out!

  23. I started going to Curves about three months ago and love it. I have been able to fit back into my jeans comfortably. They also offer Zumba at my Curves two nights a week that I am doing. I highly recommend it. I only go three times a week for a half hour. It really does work.


  24. You know what. I'm in the same funk. I usually like to take up a new "goal" like a race but this time I'm going to try out dance classes with the new "goal" being learning a new dance.

  25. i don't think my first comment on this was long enough so i just thought i'd add some more. =D

  26. oh, forgot to ask, how'd you get the picture of me running on the beach???? ;)


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