Happy Birthday Mom.

My mom...
A woman who can run circles around me cleaning a house - who has truly mastered the art of housekeeping.  Who is forever mistaken as my older sister.  Who mixes M&M's in with her popcorn.  Who all of my guy friends had crushes on.  Who trick-or-treats in the pouring rain.  Who will stop at a moments notice to offer a helping hand to anyone in need.  Who has an open-door policy of others, but more importantly, of life.  A woman who has the the charm of a butterfly, the energy of a race horse, and the heart of a lion.
Tomorrow is my mom's birthday, but since we're in full swing {dinner} party-planning mode for the special day, I wanted to take a moment now, to wish her a happy birthday, and say thank you, for...
Making single-motherhood look easy.
Not telling me to go you-know-where when I complained about what you were making for dinner, and whether or not it was going to involve onions.
Taking us camping (on your own!).
Buying  *fresh* Christmas trees every single year- even though we had to lug it up a billion steps to get it through the door.
Inspiring my love of road-trips, music of all types, 'boy' movies, bargain shopping, down-to-earth people, parties, family, roller coasters, popcorn, hard work, Christmas lights...
For taking every opportunity to "get into the spirit" (like spray painting my hair on 'color day').
For taking me roller skating every week (until I got it down).
For loving my kids more than life itself.
For  helping others endlessly & selflessly.


  1. what a sweet post. your mom is beautiful!! and from what you wrote, sounds like she is a wonderful woman. happy birthday torrie's mom!!

    (my mom's bday was yesterday!) :)

  2. Awwww...what a beautiful post!! Happy birthday to your mom!!!

  3. Torrie, this post is so sweet it brought tears to my eyes. Your mom is beautiful and sounds amazing! I can't wait to hear about the dinner party. Happy birthday to your mom!


  4. SHE'S GORGEOUS! I love this post and made me miss my mom a whole lot more! :( Big xo to you and Happy birthday Mrs. Mom!!! Enjoy the party!

  5. happy birthday to your beautiful momma! sounds like you lucked out with a fabulous one. (me too!)

  6. This is amazing!! Great to see that you have such an incredible relationship with your mom!! Happy birthday to her ;)

  7. Beautiful post, Torrie. Your mom is gorgeous and sounds like such a great, fun person. Have a great time tonight.

  8. How sweet!! And today (10/9) is my baby girl's birthday!!

  9. I am IN LOVE with that first pic. Amazing.

    And thank you for your comment the other day. Felt like a chat over coffee with a supportive friend ;)

  10. aren't mum's great but must say your mum in particular sounds like one helluva inspirational dame. hoorah for our mothers...

  11. You look just like her! You are both gorgeous. Happy
    Belated Birthday.

  12. No friendship compares to that of your mother! It sounds like you and your mom have a very special relationship and that she is a wonderful woman. Happy late birthday to your mom!


  13. What a stylish and loving lady. Any woman who mixes M&Ms and popcron, knows the importance of *real* Christmas trees, and can rock a hat like that is a 4 star mom. Thank you for the touching post.


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