Pistachio pudding cake.

Last night, my mom hosted our monthly book club dinner.  It was no surprise that the entire evening gleamed with St. Patrick's Day spirit.  She served corned beef & cabbage - using Jessica's recipe (faaaaaaantastic) - with Rye, and an old favorite, Pistachio Pudding Cake.  I love that I have such a holiday lovin' mom (especially when it involves food =).

And, if that wasn't enough, she sent me home with the leftovers- which is being transformed into a corned beef spaghetti pie for dinner tonight (again, happily taking Jessica's lead).  She also stocked me up with all of the necessary ingredients to make my own pudding cake.  Just the thought of combining 7-up, pistachio pudding, and of course, green food coloring, into one recipe was incentive enough to come home (@ 11pm), start baking, and then- a 1/2 hr. later- drive to Walmart (only store open) after realizing that I didn't have any eggs.  In the end, the tiny amount of sleep was worth it.

Gotta love a holiday that encourages us to add carbonation to our food, sparkly green shadow to our eyes, and "Top o' the mornin'!" to our vocabulary.

If you're looking for a last minute treat for the evening (or any evening), here's my mom's recipe for this extremely simple dessert.  {I made mine into cupcakes... just for an excuse to use those green liners - and added a little green in the pistachio pudding party.}
Click to enlarge & print.
And just for fun...

sparkly green eyes

nothin' but green (& I mean nothin')
Clearly, my mom's spirit has not skipped any generations.
Hope your evening's filled with the luck of the Irish.


  1. yummmm! That pudding sounds amazing. And how cute are your kids?! I love those green converses!

  2. I'm so bummed that I didn't have corned beef tonight! By the time we went to the store they were all sold out!

  3. love jacob's shoes. =) i want to see YOUR green torrie!

  4. Thanks for the recipe! We'll be making that cake tonight for my pistachio loving sister who has a birthday tomorrow!

  5. @Karen How cool!! Let me know how it turns out, and happy birthday to her!

    Just a quick side note… I made a few mini cupcakes and put them in for less time (since they’re so small). Although both were really moist (and delicious!), I realized last night that the minis were more-so – which I think is preferable for a “pudding cake.” So, I’d put them in for a tiny bit less time… like I did for the minis.

    I hope you enjoy it!

  6. @Stephanie A photograph of me at that hour (after no sleep) would not have been very appealing, believe me!

    (next year =)

  7. Those cupcakes sound and look amazing. Wish I could pop on over for one right about now. And your babies are beautiful. Have a great weekend.

  8. I am so envious that your mother is close enough to be in your bookclub. Would love to live near Mum. She always has simple and really incisive comments to make about books. Plus as a kid (Irish in New Zealand) we always had corned beef and cabbage and I hated it. Now I absolutely love it, lucky you to get the leftovers!

  9. I love pistachios! looks like the cupcakes turned out great!

  10. I love that you are in a book club with your mom and I love pistachio ANYTHING. Great post! Going to make these cupcakes this weekend!

    Happy Friday, Torrie!

  11. We were successful and this recipe was a hit!! My girls had me running around the house during the baking so I was lucky to get them out when I did and they were perfect. We even sprinkled pistachios on top of the topping...yum!!
    Thanks for sharing the recipe :)

    (I will sheepishly admit that I only filled 18 cupcake liners and ate the rest of the batter. I don't think I've eaten cake batter since I was a kid!!!!)

  12. Looks yummy. How did you get the recipe to look like that in your post?

  13. These look amazing!! My little absolutely detests green though (something to do with the grinch ??)and declared that St Patrick's Day was pink day - as if that wasn't everyday for her :)

  14. Those pictures are so cute, Torrie! I love that you and your family go all out for holidays. This cake looks and sounds delicious!!! And super easy! I have to try it. Hope you had a great weekend!


  15. This recipe looks great!. They look like they are so tasty!


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