Don't worry, be happy {Listography 2011}.

Each Wednesday, Danielle, @ Elleinad Spir, Emily, @ Notorious MLE, and myself are working our way through the lists of Listography 2011.

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What a masterpiece.  The title.  The setting.  The bartender.  And that tune!  Was this not one of the best films of all time, or what?? 
Well, it was to a 12 year old, anyways. 
In fact, it's high time I have a "Cocktail" movie night... especially now that I am of age to partake in cocktails

List #12.

List cocktails you've tried {a good start, but admittedly, I've got a long way to go here}.
Cranberry Orange Vodka     Mimosa Sunrise     Midori Sour    Mojitos     Mai Tai     Lemon Drop     Bloody Mary     Kir Royale     Cosmopolitan     Mint Julep     Martinis     Bellinis     Daiquiris     Margaritas     Piña Colada     Does Sangria count??

What about you?  Any favorites, that I must move to the top of the 'to-try' list?  If you have a list of your own, link up below!  If you don't have a post to link up, please spill [with a comment] anyways.  (I promise not to think you're a lush :)
And speaking of orders, head over to Jessica's March recipe challenge, to get a ton of recipe ideas (She had me at "homemade pretzel.")... perfect accompaniments to a refreshing cocktail.


  1. First of all- cocktail has to be one of my favorite movies because me and my bff watched it like 24-7. We were in the i love tom cruise phase of our teenage years but I will lever forget that song- Don't worry be happy! I kinda needed to hear those words this morning so THANKS!

    Oh and you are so sweet for a) mentioning my post today and b) for the sweet email you sent. I just haven't gotten around to replying yet!

    LOL! Can you tell I like list too!

  2. Nice photo accompaniment! My cocktail list is embarrassingly long... And now that I'm looking at your I see that I forgot bellinis. Cranberry orange vodka sounds tasty, perfect for a hot summer day in the backyard!

  3. I have tried pretty much everything out there(I blame college)and my favorites are the simple or any of the flavored ones) w/club soda and a twist of lime or orange. :)

    In the winter, I am all about whiskey and gingerale. :)

  4. My title quote was from cocktail. Fitting. I seem like a lush compared to you and Em!

  5. torie torie torie. you've got some work to do girl! =) xoxo

    this should be next on your list!

    also dirty grey goose martini with three olives

  6. Will I seem like a lush if I list all of my favorites? ;)
    Actually my go to cocktail is pretty boring but I guess I like to surprise people by ordering a non-girlie one (because I'm pretty girlie!). A simple gin and tonic made with Bombay Sapphire and Rose's lime juice is perfect.


  7. "Cocktails and dreams" Love it!
    You had me at martini, friend.
    Have you tried a chocolate martini? An Italian Margarita? My favorite from last summer: Watermelon Cucumber martini. HEAVEN!

  8. Love your list, is it happy hour yet??

  9. Mint Julep! Forgot about that one. Isn't it a fun drink to say?

    I've never seen cocktail, it seems I should remedy that situation immediately.

  10. I think I have tried all those! And I agree with Joy-is it happy hour yet??? And love TC in Cocktail : )

  11. i really think i need to see this movie!

    stop by sometime<3

  12. margarita, margarita, margarita - clearly i've got issues. also - the cucumber jalapeno margarita.

    and yes - sangria counts. you'd think i need some sort of rehab. good grief.

    oh-luke's lemonade from the hungry cat! and a kumquatini!!


  13. oh i see margarita is up there. apparently i've got a one track mind. help!

  14. Sangria definitely counts! I love margaritas and pina coladas. Yum. Probably because I picture myself drinking them on vacation in 80 degree weather. Now THAT sounds amazing. In hawaii I love blue Hawaiians and tropical itches. And I do love a dirty martini. I have to admit I hardly ever have cocktails though. I'm too much of a light weight, I have to stick with wine most of the time.

  15. OH that's the Tom Cruise I fell in love with, not the weirdo that's around today.
    I think sangria counts and I just realized I forgot to include Mimosa in my list. ALways happens.

  16. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of your comments.

    I really need to add some more "sophisticated" (not so girly) drinks to my repertoire. Does it count that I drink Belgium beer?? =)

  17. Love that movie - sheeeer brilliance. I always stick with a margarita - no bartender in the world can mess that up, even with a goopy sticky mix. Though I have to say I really liked the Joannie (that we had for our mad men party) I hope i Included the recipe in my post on it....

  18. One of my favorite cocktails is a Capriosca. It's perfect for summer!


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