Our retro soirree.

Now that I've had a week to recover, I thought I'd share a few pictures from my grandma's 85th birthday celebration...

a party just isn't a party with out lottsa balloons.

85 years of life, love, family... celebration.
{inspired by}

{When I take 'em down, I'll scan & post a few!}

classy accessories.

a couple cocktails to start the night off right- fish house punch & 'kids' punch,
and the very best part of party planning... thrift store stalking.
{wooden dishes, bright bowls, a brand-spankin' new punch bowl!}

 another old-school cocktail- the "perfect" Manhattan, candy, "cigarettes," & plenty of good ole' conversation.
{inspired by Jody, here & here}
 my favorite men.
{pimento cheese spread, deviled eggs, green olives w/ pimentos, sausage balls, strawberries, shrimp skewers, & more candy... & cigarettes}
{meatloaf sliders, wild rice salad, hot tamale pie, Caesar salad, & old-fashioned soda}
 a toast to 85 years... & counting.
cake perfection. 

me & my grandma.
parting gifts... maple pecan whiskey cake (a modernized fruit-cake).
{they loved it! many compliments... do try.}

It was a blast {to the past}, & worth every second of effort.  Now that I have all these fancy-schmancy retro dishes, looks like I'll need to make this a recurring theme.


  1. This is all so beautiful. SO much fun. ANd it makes me so happy to see. Thanks for brightening my day!!!

  2. this is the cutest party set up I have ever seen. And you look 20!!!!

    Thanks for posting...all these photos made me smile!

  3. AHHHMAZING Torrie! All the details were just perfect! Way to go girlie!

  4. How fun! Looks like a fabulous party! :)

  5. I just told you on Twitter, but I'll say it again: What a fabulous looking party!! Your grandmother must have felt so special. I love the 85 photo wall! And that photo of you and your grandma is so sweet. You can tell you put a lot of hard work into this...good job!
    ps...it will definitely be at least a week before I post photos of the baby shower, too. Recovery time is key! ;)

  6. This came together all so well! It looks like a lot of fun and a special time.


    P.S. You are GORGEOUS. That is all.

  7. how fun!!! that looks amazing! (so do you!!)
    i love too how you made the photos look vintagey.

    i've seen the 50 in photos decor before, and i think that's a fabulous idea- you pulled it off so well. your grandma sure is loved.

  8. Looks like so much fun! You are one stellar party planner. I might have to add that whisky pecan cake to my "to-do" list.

  9. This turned out great!!!! I love it!!!!! Great pic of you too!

  10. Oh I love the pic of you and your grandma. Mid-thirties my butt girl- you look so young!
    The party looks AMAZING! the food looks AMAZING! and those decorations- AMAZING!

  11. Awesome! I LOVE that first photo - the green ceiling, pink rafters and matching balloons are fantastic! Also, huge fan of the photo collaged "85". Very cool! At my sister's wedding this weekend, my dad's parents won the dance for longest married couple.....they've been married 56 years!

  12. Wow, Torrie! What a fantastic, thoughtful party! Everything looks wonderful! That maple pecan whiskey cake sounds delicious and pimento cheese is one of my absolute favorites!! What a lucky grandmother you have!

  13. As one of the lucky ones who has seen you in person, I will just add that yes, Torrie looks like a college student.

    Also, I would like to eat all of the food in the above photos. Next time, if you need help with clean-up... :)

  14. Totally blushing with all of these comments. Wow. THANK YOU!!!!! =)

  15. What an amazing birthday celebration- I'm sure she really appreciated this! I love the "85" in pictures!!

  16. What an amazing party! (And thank you so much for your clickable links to my Madmen party - you are so sweet!). Your party looked perfect and fun and just so warm. Love that picture of your grandmother in younger days and now...I can see where you got your great looks from! Plus even the photos look retro and that wee green scarf around someone's neck makes me want to go out and buy one. PLUS you are so photogenic, you need to post more pics of yourself. Have you seen the original Pride and Prejudice (BBC production) with Colin Firth? you look like Jennifer Ehle in that.

  17. Torrie, what an amazing party!!! You really thought of everything. You look so pretty, I love your red lipstick. And your grandma is adorable. The vintage punch bowls are incredible. And the fact that you had cake as a parting gift makes it the best party ever. You did a fabulous job!!!

  18. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous (and I mean you and the party) Looks like a blast!! Can you plan my next soiree???

  19. What a super chic party! LOVE the pink and green balloons!

  20. Looks like your party was a smashing success!! Everything looked amazing, including you! Well done!!

    I'm not sure of the actual day but I think I'm close.... Wishing you a very happy birthday filled with much love and happiness!!

  21. I bookmarked this, and must throw a retro party asap! So fun!! Thank you for the wonderful ideas, and to give my input as well: you do look SO young and beautiful in these pics!

  22. Oh and did you make that fab cake?!

  23. The party looks AMAZING! Love all the detail and that photo 85 collage is awesome. How wonderful to have your beautiful grandmother to celebrate with - so special.

    And now, happy birthday to you! Sent off your little package today. Fingers crossed it holds up. =)

  24. This party looks like so much fun. I can see how much thought and care went into planning it. The 85 made from photos is my favorite, along with all the retro elements. I would've been so happy to have gone along with you to the thrift store as your "assistant." There is nothing better than thrift store shopping with a purpose! Beautiful photo of you and your grandma. Thanks for pointing me out to this post.


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