{March}ing in.


a sweet sigh of relief.  

we made it through the treacherous roads of FEBRUARY.

... like my shoes?  they were inspired by this post- "Forget the Frump: Hot Houseshoes for Her"... and before you laugh out loud, I am not asserting that these shoes are "hot" ... but at the same time- not my typical at-home attire (gym shoes, converse, or flip flops).  and they are kinda cute... & super, super comfy.  i really like 'em.

and maybe if paired with the right piece they have the potential to look hot.

or maybe not.

{*only $16.99 @ target ...just a tad less than some of my favorites highlighted in the aforementioned article}


  1. I keep hearing about these exact shoes. I need to go try them on cute!

  2. What a clever title :) Those are cute! I have not seen them because I put myself on a Target "diet"...I will have to go check them out while remembering whats on my real list!

  3. OOh very cute and clever title and those shoes are both those things too, great colour!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Please forgive my dirty deleting. I couldn't take my typo. Ha!

    They're super cute...and on the Cons front...My hubs thinks that Chuck Taylors are the sexiest shoes out there. Go figure. Ha!

  6. Red shoes make everything ok. I understand.


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