Let there be light.


The main purpose of 'daylight saving time' is to make better use of daylight.

gardening till suppertime*... 5pm ice cream truck visit... i'd say we made pretty good use of our extra time :).

hope you did too.

{*more to come a little later this week [thursday]... ryan & i are kicking off estelle's 'gardening adventure' series by sharing the do's & don'ts of preparing your garden for spring planting... check it out!!}


  1. oh if only our ice cream truck came everyday at 5! We only get it on the weekends:(

  2. I will just keep repeating to you SoCal ladies...so jealous!! ;)

  3. Yes, i'm so not a morning person, but even I appreciated the extra am hour ..

  4. Unfortunately, I usually spend the first few days of daylight savings time wanting to die. This year was no exception. BUT, I have enjoyed not feelings so crushed for time when I get home from work. Same number of hours in the day but somehow, making dinner while it is still light outside makes it seem like there is more time.



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