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i had the pleasure of hanging out with new & old blogger pals this past week.  

emily was in town for just a day, but she happily extended her return flight just so that she could spend an evening with katrina (who em introduced to me on her last LA visit... & so happy she did) & i.  jenn was here on a family vacation & set a night aside to meet me- and one of her other blogging friends, casie... the more the merrier.

it never ceases to amaze me that- after a few minutes of "initiation"- we jump right in, talking about anything & everything- as if we haven't skipped a beat... laughing, story-telling, listening... talking a bit more in depth about that job interview, or dilemma that they'd referenced in a post- but was a bit too personal to share in full online.  2 lovely evenings in which i walked away a brighter, bolder, better person. 

lately, i've found myself in [social] situations that are underlined with negativity, judgement, criticism, & flat-out-rudeness.  life's just too short for that nonsense.  my well-being is far better suited with real friends, true character... 

& an accompanying cocktail- a jalapeno pepino margarita, let's say- or a basil gimlet- never hurts.
{...cause it's been said that trying new things is also good for your well-being :)}


  1. there is nothing like being around people who lift you up, make you laugh and bring joy to your life. I am so glad you got to hand with those people this past weekend! Good for you

  2. It was wonderful talking with you guys. One of those moments that you treasure where everything is just perfect. And you are right about the camraderie- I can be timid in new situations, but it just seemed like we were all old, dear friends right away.

  3. That's awesome! I haven't met many bloggers I read in person, aside from ALT, but typically the people I love "online" I love in person as well. I'll have to let you know when I'm in your area sometime so we can grab a drink :)

  4. So sad my LA trip didn't have any meet ups this time :(

  5. I'm beaming :D I'm really glad we met and became friends! :)
    Ooh! I love Le Grande Orange!! Isn't it fabulous there?? I haven't tried their gimlets though
    And you seriously don't need those negative situations--which I've been a lot about these couple of days!
    Don't forget to ask the soon-to-be high school kid ahout golf, marching band, and starting an adventure club! ;)

    1. Which I've been [thinking]* a lot about...

  6. Lovely post - it's sooo true. There is a lot of negativity out there but there is also a lot of generosity and kindness. We all need to find our tribe and surround ourselves with supportive people.

    I read somewhere once that your true friends are not necessarily those who are there when you are having troubles but who can be there and celebrate your successes with you.


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