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I touched on this topic a little bit last week, and by no means have I "mastered the art of happiness," but I have a little more I'd like to share on the topic :).

In the past few months, I've made a concentrated effort to "weed" through every area of my life- how I spend my time- and with whom I spend it with… activities, friends, obligations, social events, ...even the blogs in which I follow- and how much time I spend on commenting(!), emails that I choose to open- or subscribe to, articles I read, t.v. shows I watch...  At 36 years of age, I feel like I’m [finally] developing an acute sense of what works and does not work.

Wow.  It has made such an incremental difference in all faucets of my life… my writing, creative endeavors, time spent with others, in my health- and overall well-being. 

Little upward steps in the right [for-me] direction… a positive (rather than negative) momentum.  And the days/moments that I start to get down/unmotivated/frustrated (because of course, there are still plenty of those moments), I seem to be able to pull out of them quicker and back in the right direction… rather than just getting sucked into that state of negativity- the “downward spiral.”
With the clutter cleared out of the way, it's so much easier to stay- or get back- on track… to get back to the things, people, places that DO work… and even better- to bring more of the "good stuff" into the picture.  Cause isn't that always the case?  When my home- or a room, or a closet- is filled with junk, not only am I unmotivated to clean it… not only am I frustrated by it's current state… but I am totally uninspired to add anything *new into the equation… to do that project that I've intended to do, to try out that new recipe, to purchase new office supplies…

What I do each day, each week, each moment is a matter of choice.  And while I have responsibilities & obligations to contend with, life does not just happen to me

So, today, on my very first day of my 36th year, I chose to do something that works.  A grueling hike, with a good friend.  I didn't say "what works" is equivalent to "fun" or "easy" ;)… and even though I never thought we'd get to the top, we did.  And it felt good.


  1. First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And I couldn't agree with you more. If something isn't working, be proactive and eliminate it and choose to be happy, settled, content...dare I even say joyful.

    I've done some of this myself over the past couple months and it has made a world of difference. So happy I know you! xo

  2. Wonderful post and happy birthday! The 30s are a good place to be. Everything we do and have in our lives is a choice. What we do and whether we choose to be happy is up to us. Good for you for taking action and focusing on all the good stuff!

  3. Hey! Yep I sure am on Pinterest (which I do pretty often) and Twitter (which I do almost never). and @MaryWaz1

  4. if i had more than two thumbs i would put them all up for you! way to go! doesn't it feel good to let go of the negative 'burdens' and make life much more simple? i'm think i finally learned the real meaning of NO in my thirties. boy it feels good to CHOOSE!

    happy birthday wise lady!

  5. So sorry I am a day late. Great post and a great outlook. Concentrating our efforts on the things we want to makes such a difference! I know this will be a great year for you. Happy happy birthday my sweet friend. I am so very glad to know you!

  6. OH HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET FRIEND! I am so glad you are finding what works and I am so inspired by your choices. What a great way to start off your 36th year (although you don't look 36 at ALL!)

  7. happy happy birthday sweet torrie. may this be your best year yet! xoxo

  8. I know I already wished you one on FB, but happy birthday (again)!! Awesome way to celebrate your birthday. I did that with a bunch of women for a friend's 40th a couple years ago. It was so wonderful! We hiked a mountain, popped some champagne at the top and made chocolate fondue on a little camp stove before we headed back down. I'll always remember it, and it wasn't even my birthday! Everything becomes a little more concentrated with meaning with every birthday, don't you think?

  9. A very happy belated birthday! If there is one thing I've learned, life is a constant edit. wishing you all the best this year!

    PS. You don't look a day over 30!


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