Native soil {Listography 2011}.

Each Wednesday, Danielle, @ Elleinad Spir, Emily, @ Notorious MLE, and myself are working our way through the lists of Listography 2011.
(born & raised in the Sierra Madre canyon ~ the house in which my mom & her husband still reside)
{"List what you remember about your childhood home."}
It was cozy.

Quiet.  Really quiet.

Little, but just big enough.

It had a hippie-Native-American-artsy vibe.

"Indiscreet" art hanging from the walls (baring NO resemblance to the homes of my conservative-private-school friends) which I begged my mother to temporarily remove prior to my their arrival.

Wood & neutral tones.

A fireplace (loved when we got to 'have a fire').

A room on stilts, an antique tub, a water bed (not mine), a floor heater, a dusty basement, & LOTS of steps.

Always clean, revamped often, well-decorated...a cherished, inviting space (thanks to my hardworking mom).
An old wooden hot tub. (no, not a spa. not a jacuzzi. definitely not a swimming pool. a hot tub)


BIG hills & curvy streets (not the go-out-and-ride-your-bike kinda neighborhood).

Just us three, though the doors were always open.

I'd love to hear about yours too.  Share with a comment or visit Emily to link up :).


  1. You have such a knack for these lists. Yours are always so fun!

  2. Oh i loved this post the most I think! So comforting to hear about your childhood! One blessed little lady

  3. I had no idea that hot tubs were different than jacuzzis/spas!

    We lived up in one of the hills that flanked our city. My home was completely surrounded by tall, skinny birch trees that rustled green in the summer and barren or snow-covered white in the winter. We had a long driveway that curved and our own gas pump (because my father wanted to cut out the middle man. Thinking back, several of my Alaskan friends have one.) Everything about my home is dated and not necessarily in a good way; unless you love the 70's! But it is cozy with split levels, low ceilings, soft carpet, local rock fireplaces and the biggest windows that look out into the forest. Being outside is my favorite thing about home. There is a faint scent of cranberries, mushrooms and moss that waft through the trees. I can feel the dense layer of leaves and fallen twigs that would crack beneath our feet. We spent years covering every inch of that land. As morbid as it sounds, I want to buried in those special woods.

  4. That house is SO COOL! What a privilege to grow up somewhere so cozy.

  5. indiscreet art is my favorite kind. =)

  6. Oh that sounds so nice! We moved around a lot when I was growing up so I don't have that many special memories centered around a house. I'm with Stephanie - indiscreet art is the best. :) Your friends probably thought your parents were the coolest!


  7. My mom stil lives in my childhood home, but it looks nothing like it did when I lived there,

  8. Hahah Stephanie said exactly what i wanted to say
    P.S. Omg your mum is gorgeous!!

  9. Torrie, I remember how difficult it was to drive a stick shift up to your house!

  10. @Anise Tell me about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (took some serious SKILL =))

  11. that sounds like a comfortable, inviting place :)


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