Jeepers creepers {Listography 2011}.

Each Wednesday, Danielle, @ Elleinad Spir, Emily, @ Notorious MLE, and myself are working our way through the lists of Listography 2011.

Being a total scaredy-cat, it is not in my nature to enjoy or even have a clue about grotesque characters and disturbing theatrics.  But growing up with two huge movie buffs (mom & brother), I didn't have much of a choice... other than to bury my face in my mom's shoulder, cover my ears, and shut my eyes real tight.

{Here's just a few "favorite horror villains" (of MANY) that have left their [claw] mark...}

Nosferatu... the original vampire.

Image via

{I do love a good vampire flick, which is not to say this is one... more of a result of the current movie-buff in my life (son).}

Freddy... the dream stalker.
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{One, Two, Freddy's coming for you...}

Chucky... the killer doll.

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{I was never a big fan of life-size dolls with shiny skin and creepy eyes... this film didn't help.}
Jack Torrance... the definition of CREEPY.

Image via
{Heeeeeeeeeere's Johnny!
The Thing... the shape shifter.
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{Since I have no idea what "the thing" actually looks like, and since it is a shape shifter after all, I took the liberty to post this classic shot of my mom's heartthrob.}

I know, I know, I know there's so many more... so hit me with your best shot (a little adage to Pat there- sorry)... with a link below or a comment.


  1. I know this is weird but I have never really been into the whole scary thing. I would have to say the one scary movie i remember watching when i was little and probably shouldn't have but I was at a friends house so rules are meant to be broken at sleepovers-right? Was the chucky movie. Not sure which one but whichever one it was really scared me!

  2. Totally figures that all three of us are fraidy cats!!

  3. Jack Torrance still gives me the chills!

    xo Jess

    p.s. Glad you're back! I missed you!

  4. I never watch horror movies...I'm a fraidy cat, too. :) The only one I have seen is The Shining...that did me in!

  5. I cannot even watch a preview of a scary movie, I always cover my eyes and make Royce change the channel!.....and that pic of freddy gave me chills....I was SO afraid of him when I was younger. Why on earth did my parents let me watch that??


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