Cream of the crop.

My grandma's been here since Saturday, and the countdown to Thanksgiving has officially begun.  The menu decided... grocery list formed... turkeys purchased(!)... turkey stock prepared...  Such an endeavor for one single meal, but as I said last year - I couldn't be in better company.  

That said~ it's been a whirlwind weekend of planning, cooking, EATING... soaking in the cloudy afternoons, the mid-afternoon cuppa coffee, the flavors of fall.  I thought I'd share a few "flavors" in particular that we're currently loving.
  1. pumpkin pancake mix {via tj's}. (a simply perfect mix of flavors)
  2. acorn squash soup. (from Guy of all people, but seriously- my new favorite fall soup other than this)
  3. sweet potato fries. (if you're gonna cheat, do it right... perfect s.p.f's- which is not easy to achieve)
  4. maple whipped cream. (love, love, LOVE)
  5. pumpkin spice lattes. (homemade. diy. fancy. coffee. cheap. pumpkin. brown sugar. whipped cream. nuff said.)

Let me know if you try any of the above- or if you have any fall picks of your own.  Whether you're in the midst of planning, sorting laundry, off to work, sound asleep, or completely hungover from a wild & crazy weekend (although I have a feeling "those" ones are not spending their Monday mornings in my neck-of-the-web)... happy Monday =).


  1. Yum, can I invite myself over to your house for thanksgiving? It all sounds delish!

  2. I keep seeing that tip on how to make crispy sweet pot fries on Pinterest. I can't wait to try it. I love them!!!

  3. all sounds delicious and delightful! just made pancakes for breakfast (via the Nigella pancake mix - which is great to have on hand) but wish we would've thrown some pumpkin in!

    enjoy grandma time!!

  4. Oh, what a list! They all sound wonderful. Have you tried the pumpkin brownies that whoorl wrote about a couple of years ago. Cream cheese frosting. They are to DIE...
    So sweet that you get time with your Grandma. I miss my Grams so much. Enjoy.

  5. LOVE the picture of your grandma, she just looks fantastic. So jealous of your menu, I love comfort food and the soup sounds yum.

  6. Already getting ready for Thanksgiving? That is going to be one amazing meal :)

  7. Awe what a treat to have your grandma visiting. Enjoy all that special cooking time and togetherness. Your recipes sound great. I would love that pumpkin spiced latte right about now!

  8. Yes we are planning by this weekend I have to my dishes sent to my mom so she can get all the groceries before the rush at the stores! So I have never made a pumpkin spice latte but it sounds great. And how cute that your grandmother is sweet to spend quality time with her.

  9. Those look yummy and very different from what you normally see for fall recipes. I looked at the recipe for the pumpkin spice lattes and am wondering how you get the pumpkin puree to go away so it isn't too chunky? I haven't ever used pumpkin puree it chunks of pumpkin or liquidy...and I would imagine the acorn squash soup would be yummy. I really like pumpkin.


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