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Each Wednesday, Danielle, @ Elleinad Spir, Emily, @ Notorious MLE, and myself are working our way through the lists of Listography 2011.

Yesterday, we helped Jacob with an assignment, in which he had to type and format several poems that he'd written into a notebook.  It was a big project, and since he had to attend a boy scout meeting until 9PM, we were all up much later than our temperaments could handle.  This past Friday, we dropped him off [in the rain] for a weekend camp-out, so he had barely any time to work on the heavy load of homework due this week.                                                     
...camping in the rain, Einstein-level math assignments, a constitutional convention speech (the dreaded public speaking assignments), not-to-mention a Rufus King costume which he has to wear- that we had to assemble (thank God my mom saves every single item of clothing, costume, or otherwise... can always count on her in these situations)- for the speech (& btw- who the hell is Rufus King??), a poetry reading... A lot of stress & too little sleep.

Not many happy moments happening in our household this week.

Yet, reading his poems gave me a chance to look past the frustration- the seemingly unappreciative teenager.  To get out of his brain [and beyond the HORMONES], and step into his heart- which isn't always easy- or possible these days.

Here is one of his poems- written about his grandfather.

Standing by you
Building a snowman as tall as a mountain
Seeing you make huge snowballs for me
To only find them punch you softly in the stomach.

Eating next to you
Just an ordinary breakfast
With mountains of pancakes on my plate
Never knowing that it would be the last we have together.

 {We visited Ryan's father in February, a trip in which I wasn't aware that Jacob carried such vivid memories.  In fact, he has never seen this photo- until last night- after we read his poem.}

{He died in November of that same year, at only 48 years of age.  He slipped and fell off of a ladder while hanging Christmas lights.  It was sudden and completely unexpected.}
So when I attempt to write out this week's list- "List what issues are foremost on your mind"- somehow it's not quite as easy as I originally thought it would be (always being one to carry "current/foremost issues" in the forefront of the mind).  All of the "I need to do a-b-c-d-e-f-g-h-i.......l-m-n-o-p.......x-y-&-z" worries that ENDLESSLY PLAGUE MY SOUL are sorta put into perspective... where they belong.
What's really been keeping me up at night?  

The daily grind is taking it's toll on our household- M-F- day after day- week after week.  Knowing that I let frustration get the best of me ...that criticism took precedence over kindness ...that the unhappy outweighed the happy.  And while "tomorrow is in fact another day," and although the "weekend is just around the corner," why wait until then??

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  1. How amazing. Sometimes it takes seeing things through the eyes of children to put us back in our place- to put foremost (as you said) those things that are truly important. I have to admit, at the end of the day if I look back on what was stressing me out that day or took precedence in my schedule it is never as important as I originally made it out to be.

    Wonderful post

  2. Torrie-What a beautiful post. I wrote a similar one just last week. It's so encouraging to remember that we are not alone in our struggles.

  3. I'm currently feeling pressure from all angles, so it is always good to be reminded that it can all slip away in an instant. xo

  4. Torrie....he is such a cool kid. Just really, really sweet and special. Great post.

  5. this is beautifully written. you are so right. we have to stop and appreciate it. now. the fact that you are stopping to think about it is half the battle.

    what a sweet photo - and i LOVE the fact that his writing inspired you to take out the photo and you could share in this. love it.

  6. Amazing post, I struggled a couple of weeks ago to write a similar one and put it aside as have not captured the essence as beautifully as you have done. The daily grind just gets me down so much, but...I do feel loads of these assignments are just homework for the parents and impossible for kids to do without supervision - crazy! Love this photos and how it captures the passing moment. Great kid you have there...

  7. I have started working part time now that my kiddos are in school and I've been feeling the stress. I have much respect for parents who work full time and have families. I don't know how they get it all done!! As a result I haven't been around the blog world for awhile. This is such a beautiful post and it confirms that you are doing everything absolutely right when it comes to raising your son. Love his poem and love the pic. Priceless.

  8. Great post, Torrie! I've missed a few this week as we have also been putting thing into perspective. Such a good reminder. xo

  9. This post is definitely one of my favorites of yours. Jacob is such an awesome kid. I definitely lost it after getting to the picture and caption. Thanks for sharing everything in the post, like Em said, "it's so encouraging to remember that we are not alone in our struggles."


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