{thanksgiving countdown ~ continued from here}

Grocery shopping- CHECK.  Unloading of my grandma's hefty accumulation of Thanksgiving "supplies" (boxes and boxes)- DONE.  Starter cocktail researching/testing- YEP.  All else- HERE WE GO. 
But before we do... we're taking a little break to celebrate.

Because it's his birthday.

And aside from that, he's the love of my life.

{headed to disneyland for corndogs, christmas lights, & smiles... happy birthday ryan, & happy tg week to all of you =)}


  1. What a cool photo of your gorgeous fam - are those legos they are with? It all looks so warm and breezy and everything under control! Have a fab week!

  2. Gosh I'm so glad Jody pointed out that they were Legos. I was so confused! I hope you have a wonderful week too. (I also have a giveaway that you need to enter in. Seriously, the chances are really good and I want someone I bloggy friends to win. ENTER.)


  3. Torrie! Have a wonderful break and happy birthday to Ryan! xo

  4. Hope you have a blast with your man! Happy B-day to Ryan~ i think it is so cool ya'll can hop in the car and go to disneyland while people like us have to fly like hours and hours to get there. I didn;t say I was jealous just think it really cool:) LOL!

  5. so incredibly sweet (and creative) Torrie. Happy Birthday to Ryan and have a wonderful time with your family this week. Love the post :)

  6. I love that you are researching starter cocktail recipes. That is awesome. Can't wait to hear about your thanksgiving. I did all the prep I'll be doing this year. Booked the reservations for dinner down the street and picked out an outfit. No cooking or cleaning for this little lady this year.


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