Lions & tigers & bears... Oh my {Listography 2011}!

Each Wednesday, Emily, @ Notorious MLE, Danielle, @ Elleinad Spir, and myself are working our way through the lists of Listography 2011.

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October.  The month of goblins & ghouls.   

A perfectly fitting list to get us into the spooky mood.

List things that scared you as a kid.

{other than those scary striped stockings...}

  1. First & foremost- anything awful happening to my mom (separation anxiety issues).
  2. Fighting.  Adults fighting, to be more specific (still puts my stomach in knots).
  3. Hospitals.
  4. Walking by bums homeless people near my grandpa's Los Angeles barber shop.
  5. Flying on an airplane.
  6. Darkness.
  7. The evening news.
  8. Robbers.
  9. Being awake at night when everyone else was not.
  10. My school's attempt to "educate" us on the concept of Hell (& how to avoid it).
As I was writing this list, I asked Ryan what he was scared of as a child.  His response...  "Sharks."

Um.  Yeah.  That pretty much sums it all up.
{Were you a scaredy cat, as I apparently was?  
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  1. I wasn't all that crazy about Halloween as a kid because I hate all things scary. No haunted houses, no scary movies, nothing like that. Hated it as a kid, still hate it now. Our church had a haunted house when I was a kid (why a church had a haunted house I'm still unclear on), and for some reason my parents thought it was fine for me to go in it when I was TWO since I knew everyone. Um no. Bad plan. I flipped out and they had to stop everything, turn on the lights, and everyone had to take off the masks and show me who they were.

    I still wouldn't go in a haunted house today, even if you paid me.

  2. I don't remember being scared of alot of "things" except for 2- wasps and fire. I was horrified to think of losing my house in the fire and to see a wasp even to this day makes me squeal and run

  3. I was afraid that something might happen to my mom, too. I was also horribly scared of wasps/bees/insects that can fly or sting. I also remember being really worried about World War III, being burnt alive or anything to do with aliens. (Those were all thanks to movies!)

  4. I was pretty fearless, unless it involved needles of any kind. They actually strapped me down to a chair once as a kid and I screamed and shook so hard that I loosened the bolts of the chair to the floor. My mother was so proud. The fear was so bad!
    Hope all is well? I still love these list posts so much!

  5. I was completely spooked by this clown lithograph in my room growing up. It was modern art, I realize now, but the long nose on the guy totally freaked me out. I never told my mom, though, until I was in college. She was clearing out the house for a move and offered me the print. I refused and explained why. The next day, I visited my cousin's room on campus (we went to the same college) and that stinker had the print up on her wall just to torture me!

    My family has a lovely sense of humor... ;)

  6. Flying is not my favorite. : (

  7. Oh now I have to think...I was definitely scared of the dark and always got scared at night. Even now..Aneesh was away for 8 nights and I just didn't sleep well. Love this list Torrie!

  8. ha! i could sooo see tony saying the same thing, whereas my list would be a mile long. i am TOTALLY with you on so many of these! i hate fighting and it makes me want to run. i can't handle confrontation. also, i'm still weird about being awake when no one else is! i get so mad if tony goes to bed before i do. :) we're weird


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