Shana Tova

Last night, my dad & his wife invited us to join them in their Rosh Hashanah celebration.

I've mentioned her culinary & entertaining expertise before, but I thought it deserves another mention...

... and a little proof to go along with.

Mac & cheese + braised ribs + roasted chicken + a wealth of sides + the cutest little salted caramel pudding cups.  
A true feast- from the savory, all the way to the sweet.


  1. Wow Torrie. That all looks and sounds amazing!

  2. Awesome! Really awesome- I love the whole decor and setup and the food sounds delicious!

  3. I am in bed and about to go to sleep but this post is making me so hungry Torrie!

  4. Wowza. The table decor is seriously beautiful and the food sounds completely amazing! Can I be invited next year? ;)

  5. What a gorgeous setting!! Love that kitchen wall too.

  6. Everything looks gorgeous! I really wish someone would invite us to this dinner - it would be such an honour!


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