Recipe of *de-stress {Listography 2011}.

Each Wednesday, Danielle, @ Elleinad Spir, Emily, @ Notorious MLE, and myself are working our way through the lists of Listography 2011.
Last list of September, and only 3 months to go.  Wow... time flies.  Today's list is timed just right.  A time in which we're officially closing the door to lazy days and summer sunshine.  And {tentatively} opening them into busy schedules and mounting to-do lists.  A time in which- if we're not careful- Stress comes knocking at beating down the door ... but only if we let it.

List your de-stress recipe.

After coming straight home from a weekend away, and heading straight into car lots, this week quickly got off to a stressful start.  We did find a car, but it sucked up a whole lotta time.

This plum pudding cake helped to ease the tension.  I knew immediately upon reading the post, that I had to squeeze it into the day... and I just happened to have 5 ripe plums waiting to be utilized.  IT WAS WORTH IT.  A perfect cake.

{didn't have golden syrup so I used light corn syrup & molasses... 2/3-1/3 ratio}

The day before- as we were wheeling & dealing at the car lot... this delicious de-stresser was slowly simmering away- and it also did the trick.

Both taking full advantage of summer's final bounty, but with an added richness... complexity... depth of flavor...  The glorious taste of autumn.

Oh, and the day before that- a de-stresser that didn't even require a recipe!
Just swirl and...

What is your go-to de-stress recipe??  Share a link at Danielle's or in the comments below :).


  1. Ugh. I hate going car shopping. It IS such a time suck.

    My de-stress recipe is biscotti. I don't even LOVE biscotti but I love to make it. Go figure. :)


  2. That cake is now on my must make list. Wow. Yum!!!!

  3. Have to agree with the wine, of course :) Here's hoping the rest of the week and the upcoming weekend are stress free!

  4. That last de-stresser is my kinda recipe. HA!

  5. Running. And wine too, for sure! Actually having a glass as we speak :)

  6. Oh that plum pudding looks amazing! My de-stress recipe would certainly be my nanny's skillet cornbread- just made it as I am typing actually. Had a hard day and needed a pick me up. If skillet cornbread can't do the trick I don't know what can!


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