Final touchdown.

I realize this is about 12 hours after-the-fact, but I'm going to go ahead and post anyway...

... because it doesn't feel right having a "series finale" post on my landing page (which was also WAY after-the-fact), when there's far more important and relevant things to document and celebrate.

{and then I promise that I will move on with my FNL obsession- at least as it pertains to blog content}
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Two wins well deserved.

{and Minka Kelly's delivery, the co-stars reactions, as well as the massive twitter buzz made it even better}
...but I really do wish that his equally deserving 'wife' {Connie Britton} shared the honor.


  1. Oh totally with you here...I was smiling so big last night that my face hurt. Well-deserved indeed.

  2. I never watched FNL once. Am I in trouble?

  3. @this free bird Now that’s a crying SHAME young lady.

    …a definite must on the ‘to-rent’ list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. I only watched one episode and after it I was like, I really need to watch this show more...and never did. Might just have to Netflix it like I did Rescue Me!

  5. Can we just have a blog where we talk about how much we love FNL? I think I need to rewatch it all over this winter ;)

  6. Okay...after you and Michelle and Kristin? I need to get a clue and finally watch this show. Seriously.
    Oh..and the Emmy win should probably be a clue too,right? :)


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