High five.

Well, hello there Three Day Weekend. 
Before we get down to business, 5 very important matters to discuss...

For the past week, Ryan's been a busy man.  Early mornings and late nights.  Hasn't even had the time to brew coffee in the morning.  Although I am fully capable of doing so myself, when it's only me, I prefer using the French Press.  Back in the day, all new baristas were encouraged to get one... to conduct at-home tastings... to master the world of whole bean coffee.  It produces a miiiiighty flavorful cup of coffee- even if you're the type to doctor it up.

Plus, this very press got me through my final years of college.  At home.  With a son.  No car.  Working late nights.  Studying around the clock.  No coffee maker.  No espresso machine.  And although I worked at Starbucks, I hated coffee.  But I needed something to keep me awake- and motivated to study my little heart out.  So- each morning... a French press, a hell-of-a-lotta Nestle creamer (mocha to be exact), and endless reading.  And I gradually acquired the taste.  Not to mention, the addiction.  
2)  Chalkboard wall decal.

The only thing we didn't change or replace when we remodeled our kitchen a few years ago, was this side door.  Not very pretty, but need to switch all of our doors out eventually and figure that this door will have to do in the meantime.  

Ever since I wrote this post, I've wanted to convert the thin, aluminum-framed windows into a chalkboard, but hadn't actually done it- until I saw the chalkboard decal at Urban Outfitters a couple of weeks ago.  A  perfect solution.  A razor was used to trim the edges and black caulk to fill the gaps.  A great spot for a shopping list... or a canvas for budding artists. 

3)  Stripes.
Cannot get enough of this particular pattern, and a visit to Old Navy the other day did not help the matter.  Such stripe cuteness goin' on over there.  So many different colors and styles to choose from.  And they're just so versatile.  I was wearing a dark orange maxi skirt and tried the blue top (above) with it.  It worked with that- with a belt, without a belt- with the beige pants... even with the yellow tank underneath.  You know- it's said that only the really daring type will mix stripes with stripes.  Yep.  That's me alright.  Always 10 steps behind ahead of the curve.

{I tried to find the links, but all I could find was the pink one.  I don't know about you, but with Old Navy, I have better luck trying tops on in person, so if you have one near you- and are addicted to stripes too- go see for yourself!}

4)  Pork shoulder tacos (Jora's way).
Image via

Oh, what can I say?  Do you want a meal that will knock your husband's (or wife's... or friends'...) socks off??  That produces not only heaven on a plate- but heaven in your taquito the next night... 
5)  Baked taquitos.
 (Image via; Recipe here!)

The best leftover meal ever.  And this one too can be prepared ahead of time.  Two DELICIOUS make-ahead dinners.  Domesticity at its finest.
{Cook's Notes:  Prepared the pork Jora's way- with a slow cooker... Used one whole jalapeno and two dried chiles (don't worry about it being spicy- just adds flavor)... Topped the tacos with avocado, cilantro, sauteed peppers and onions, and lime... Topped the taquitos with homemade salsa (with diced avocado and cilantro) and sour cream... Mmmmmmm.}

Now let's get to that weekend.


  1. I love all five of these ... but I'm esp. glad you like the pork. So so easy and so so tasty!

  2. We have a coffe maker (of course), and an espresso maker, but now I want a french press, too :)

  3. I've been craving taquitos like crazy lately! I thought a trip to Taco Time was imminent but maybe I'll try a baked version. Probably a lot better for me.

    We use our French press when we're camping. We're fancy like that. :)


  4. @The Suburb Experiment We do too! Forgot to mention that in the post! We have a designated camping press... cause we're fancy like that too :).

  5. So glad you liked the taquitos, Torrie! I can't wait to try it with carnitas, and will definitely check out Jora's method. p.s. love a french press too (oh yeah & Coach Taylor) :)

  6. You had a baby son in your last days of college? - kudos! I can't imagine that as I was a very late bloomer...and am racing to get to Old Navy for those stripes, can't get enough of them or of orange. Have a fab weekend!

  7. I adore my little french press; it's perfect for days when I only need a cup for me!

  8. Torrie-I am trying to focus on your post and those taquitos but seriously we need to talk about the french press. I forgot you are the coffee expert! AT the lakehouse last week we had coffee every morning in the French Press. I loved it! I was thinking of getting one...seems perfect for the afternoon cup of coffee..you know when you don't feel like re washing 8 pieces from the Cuisinart coffee maker! I use the Tassimo one cup coffee maker but it's not the same since you can't use fresh ground beans. I think I may buy a French Press. Any advice? (oh and p.s.what a great idea about the Mad Men idea for Halloween..just take it up a notch and it would be perfect!)

  9. @Naina @ STYLE'N I totally agree! Perfect for an afternoon (or evening) cup, for summer vacations... Starbucks sells them- in an 8 & 4 cup (the "cup" isn't equivalent to an actual "cup" size). I'd get the 8 cup. This works well- even with larger groups when we're camping... We just grind extra, have extra hot water ready, brew' one (only takes 4 minutes), and then rinse out and brew another right after. Make sure you grind your coffee at the coarsest level and use water that is just before boiling point. Let steep for 4 minutes and then press!

  10. My brother is in to French Press Coffee and I always make fun of him because it seems way to "gourmet" for him, ha. I guess I'm going to have to try it though!

    And by the way, thank you so much for your exercising advice today. I'm truly having a hard time deciding what to do because I feel like I've really accomplished a lot and hate to give up my endurance at this point. But I really do appreciate you taking the time to help... I think I am going to take a few days off, get a knee brace, and give it a try again after rest and ice. I'll let you know how it goes!

    xo jess

  11. French press coffee is my absolute favorite! Such a treat and I don't know why I don't make it more often. Thanks for reminding me. Also, can't believe you juggled a baby and college and marriage at one time. You are officially my hero. Seriously.

  12. ok: 1. So I made my slow cooker pork this weekend and tossed in some dried chiles. WOW. What an amazing tip!!!

    2. I recently bought a french press after seeing them here. I am now in love.

    3.) I love that bowl of tomatoes in the background :)

  13. Need those tacos asap!! mmmm....
    and that chalkboard wall decal is genius! putting a trip to UO on the list...

  14. I wish I had the time to have french pressed coffee every day...It tastes SO much better!

  15. well, i think you just inspired me to buy a french coffee press AND make a quick trip to Old Navy tomorrow during my new three hrs of freedom!

  16. I think I am finally going to make these next week. You did the short cut method right? Not the recipe that she links to? For the pork tacos I mean...will you e-mail me and let me know? Pretty please?

  17. 1. I LOVE a French press. The taste, the ritual of it, the whole deal. Naturally, I don't have one at the moment and have been meaning to go another for...oh....3 years.
    2. I have no control around chalkboards OR stripes, so...maybe we should never go shopping together...but let's anyway :)
    3. I have been meaning to make Jora's recipe for eons, so thanks for the reminder!! xoxo

    1. If it makes you feel any better, I have only utilized this French press/enjoyed coffee from it once since I wrote this post. Ryan is going out of town on Monday, & this offers the perfect opportunity... :)


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