Wants & needs.

You know when you try - and tryyyyy - to explain a concept to someone and you finally come to the conclusion that they Just. Don't. Get it?  And then some other person meanders their way into the picture and says the same freakin' thing that you've been trying to say- and all of a sudden, that person has a "light bulb moment"!
Well, this was the case with Hailey yesterday when she arrived home from school, sharing her "new" learning of 'wants' vs. 'needs.'  She was quick to inform me that she is totally okay with having water for her snack, because she needs it.  Oh, and by the way- she no longer needs a DSi.  And she was so on point as she diligently informed Jacob- "You don't really need a cell phone."
My personal "hats off" to all of the dedicated teachers of the world...
...but especially to Mrs. Welte.
Now I'm off to watch some much needed wanted {premier} television, thanks to the absolutely vital nice-to-have DVR.
*And in case you're interested, here are my top picks for guiltless pleasure television...
~~Biggest Loser (while eating our dessert) , Running Wilde (thanks to Beth), Nate Berkus (It was time to jump on the bandwagon.), Rachael Ray- daytime (please don't judge), Oprah (last season!)~~
What will you be watching this season?? 


  1. Hilarious list! I refuse to buy a DSi. I hate those things. (And I don't use that word lightly.)

    I will be watching Mad Men, Project Runway, and House this fall.

  2. awww, well hey, at least she's learning it somewhere! it's probably a case of sure-sure mom! vs. oooh my teacher said it, so now i believe it :)

  3. I love hearing about what shows other people are watching...for example I don't watch Mad Men but I just added it to the lineup. I like Greys, 90210 (don't judge me!), modern family, private practice, desperate housewives, anything on the food network, and my favorite is Rachel Zoe.

  4. oh and I forgot to say that I love the list!!!!

  5. ahaha I love this!!! Hilarious!!

    As for tv, my list is long...90210, Rachel Zoe, Project Runway, Modern Family, Couger Town, My Generation, all of the Real Housewives shows, Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, hmmm...I am sure I am missing things. I watch a lot of bad tv and usually just catch it when it is replayed since we apparently live in the Stone Age and still do not have DVR.

  6. Hailey's list is so cute! And I love that she told Jacob he doesn't NEED a cell phone. Amazing. Even as an adult, it's hard for me to at times distinguish between wants and needs. Before I read this post I would have absolutely said I needed my DVR too. But I guess it's a luxury, right? Oooh, was Running Wilde good? I recorded it, but haven't watched yet. So far this season I'm planning to watch Gossip Girl, 90210, and Modern Family. But I just watched Lone Star last night and I might be hooked on that too. I love Fall tv!


  7. Thanks for the shout out!! How was Running Wilde?? Have it recorded and really looking forward to watching it!

  8. Kim- Right there with you. Really want to start watching Mad Men!

    Claire- totally:).

    Naina- Oh, I am SO not one to judge. Not me, who likes Dr. Phil. And I am loving the new Cooking Channel, btw!

    Suzie- It's okay, I don't own an ipod, so I'm in the stone age as well.

    Valerie & Beth- We liked it (love Will), liked the concept, humor, and will definitely keep watching. It was just like Arrested Development was in the beginning, though- not SUPER funny because they had to initially set the stage/introduce the characters. Hope it lasts (unlike AD)!

  9. this post is fantastic. great to find your blog via joslyn's simple lovely. you're definitely added to my reader.

  10. Too funny! But hats off to her for learning the lesson in the end. I'll definitely be watching mad men with a little jon stewart thrown in. Happy fall! xx,jane

  11. I guess it's confession time. I watch Good Wife (love all the dirty drama), Khourtney and Khloe Take Miami/Keeping up With the Kardashians (I know, I know so bad, but again, the drama), Hung, Entourage, occasional HGTV or Food Network (love Rachael Ray's vacations and Giada's getaways) and probably more trashy TV that I can't remember at the moment.

  12. I love this!! So great...as for tv...whew!! fall is filling up my tivo - mad men, gossip girl, modern family, glee, parenthood...oh and just watched the scorsese show on hbo - boardwalk empire!

  13. love this. i think i need to make one of these lists for myself, actually!

    netflix mad men. two words. don draper. heart him and his disfunctionality very much.

  14. Loved everyone's comments on this post. As I shared on an e-mail to Michelle (aka- Pretty Mommy)...

    These are ALL of the shows I've been wanting to watch (and feeling totally "behind" on)... I'm battling over setting my dvr to record all of them, or leaving it to a couple daytime/reality shows (ya know- for 'non-blog' inspiration:) and a couple of 'scripted' shows (with a plan to watch the other series on dvd- in the future:) - but after seeing everyone's responses, I'm just jumping right in on some- whether I've seen the first seasons or not!

    I believe I "need" - okay, *want a little more non-reality t.v. in my life. Now the question is... When do I plan on watching all of these shows?? And reading my favorite blogs too? I need to become a master at multi-tasking.

    Stephanie- I think I will wait, however to see Mad Men from the beginning.

  15. i'm watching mad men from the beginning. my hubby and i are netflixing the first seasons. we are on episode 7 (i think!) but i keep forgetting to put the dvds in the mail so we haven't received the next installment yet! boo.

    the only time i watch tv is after the kids are in bed and my house is "put back together" for the next day. so usually that means 9:30 at night. i watch one show. once in awhile i'll get a 3 hour marathon of tv going... and i can watch at least 4 episodes of a show if it's dvr'd. =) i don't get watch reality tv though so that cuts down substantially on shows i need to see. (once i get hooked i'm screwed so i don't even start!)

    oh, and my new fave is by far "parenthood." i highly highly highly recommend, from one momma to another. we just started watching it (missed most of the first season) but i don't think it's necessary to watch from the beginning (like i do with mad men.) you can just jump right in to the craziness of another family. =)

  16. Hahah - this post made me laugh. She sounds adorable ;)


  17. J'adoring your blog!!!

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia...add it to the dvr. it's dark funny, but will give you a good laugh.

    another show i am looking forward to the return of is that Nine by Design. Love.

  18. I wish my kids would differentiate between want and need soon :)

    I have a long list of shows thanks to DVR. Grey's Anatomy, CSI Miami and New York, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Bones, Medium, Burn Notice, The Mentalist and Running Wilde. I am sure there are some I left out. Like you, it's hard finding the time to actually watch them all.



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