Recipes: tried & true.

Another weekend of clearing out the pantry, which is why these Cherry Shortbread Cake Squares were the perfect treat to a.) use one of the two cans of cherry pie filling in my pantry and b.) satisfy a Saturday morning urge to bake.

Piece of Cake is such a treat to read not only because of the simple, nostalgic, scrumptious desserts, but because of Shauna's witty, personal, detailed writing style.  She is self-taught, precise, and determined... to perfect and develop her own take on both classic and new recipes.  She is just as quick to write about her baking mishaps and lessons learned, as she is to flaunt (in a most humble way) her MacGyver-esque  moments - and both are equally informative, entertaining, and relatable.  A serious case of I-totally-wish-she-was-my-next-door-neighbor.
* Cook's Note:  
  •  These store and transport very well.  We took them on a hike today and set them in separate containers on a square of wax paper.   Since the cherries sink in when they bake, they are easily stackable (lined with wax paper) as well.
  • I am not going to even try to re-explain Shauna's message to those who turn their noses up to canned cherry pie filling (I urge you to read it for yourself!), but as she states- the cherries can be substituted. 
Have a wonderful week and stay tuned for another "tried & true recipe" ... Mac & Cheese!  We made it this weekend, but this dish deserves a post of its very own.                                                                            


  1. oh my mouth is watering for these....they look so delicious! hope you had a wonderful weekend...

  2. Oh yum!!! I LOVE cherries, so I may have to give this a shot soon!

    Happy Week! :)

  3. Oh my gosh Torrie! I love it. Such a great idea and I actually think my son would like them as well because they are little and he loves cherries! Hope you had a great weekend! I have a great recipe for stuffed porkchops on blog today and I am getting so excited because I am going to unveil that thing i told you about next monday! wish me luck!

  4. thanks for the heads up on a new (to me) cooking blog. looks delicious although, I think I might have to wait another 13 days to start reading it. ;)

  5. Once again, I'm totally impressed with your ability to use what's in your pantry and create something spectacular! These are making my mouth water, Torrie. I totally want to become a MacGyver-esque cook. Maybe I should read this book.

    The meatloaf with the bacon on top sounds incredible! One of my girlfriends keeps telling me she puts pancetta in hers and I've been meaning to try that too. The funny thing is, I always thought I hated meatloaf until I made this recipe and now I LOVE it! Hope you're having a great day.


  6. There isn't a better feeling than pulling random items from your pantry and creating a tasty recipe! I love it! And I adore Cherry pie filling; I can eat it by itself. :)

  7. looks divine! hope you're having a wonderful week.

    xo Alison

  8. Man, you put me to shame with the snacks I pack for our hiking daytrips! These look so yummy. I have to remember to visit your blog only after I've eaten from now on!


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