Baby steps.

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After coming to the conclusion that I've lost my mojo  (as Stephanie referred to it) in the department of chicness (yes that is a word- an antonym of frumpiness), I jotted down a few 'things-to-change/do-a.s.a.p' that would in no way get me to the place that I want to be... but onto a good start.  And hey, if it worked for Bob, then it will surely work for me. 
Since I received such thoughtful, honest comments (thank you), I thought it would only be appropriate to share these steps with you.
Before I share, I just want to point out that when it comes to the topic of "feeling frumpy" - age or size is not entirely relevant.  Even being a mom, or a grandma, for that matter!  Yes, these are all factors, and can be a major cause to feeling this way, but a young person who puts her appearance on the back-burner can look just as frumpy as an older person who does the same.  And it's just as much an internal issue, as an external one.  I've gone through this before in my life, and I'm sure I'll go through it again.  None-the-less, it's time to take the necessary steps to get back on track- on the inside and out.
  1. Acknowledge the problem (As Dr. Phil would say, "You can't change what you don't acknowledge!"... yes I admit, I like Dr. Phil.).
  2. Major closet overhaul.
    • Discard faded (even the black-turned-gray "workout" pants) clothes.
    • Toss clothes that I will never wear again.
    • Take inventory of what I need and what I do have ('shop' my closet).
  3. Stop sharing socks with my husband.
  4. New unmentionables, all around.
  5. Get back to watching Giada on a regular basis.


  1. I could have sworn I commented on your previous post, but I guess not. Boo!! was long too! If I can remember everything I said, I will re-post. :D

    Anyway, great post...both of them. I love and appreciate your honesty. You can do it!! :)

  2. Torrie, I laughed out loud at #3! I love your list and the fact that you're keeping us posted on your steps. I should take a lesson on #4. One of my favorite t-shirts that I sleep in is actually a shirt of Gabe's. Maybe it's time to get rid of it.


  3. i whole heartedly agree that "frumpy" is as much internal as it is external. (for me, at least, more so.) love your "to do" list. but be careful what you toss. i tossed a few things i thought i'd never wear again and am kicking myself.

    and the unmentionables, i think i need to follow suit, at least with some sexy bras. =)

  4. oh, you forgot number 6-scrub the floor in daisy dukes and 5 inch stilettos.

  5. Suzie- Yes- Re-post!! (I'd love to hear... if you have time, of course:)

    Valerie- Yes, 'husband's t-shirts'... that is definitely right up there with #3!

    Stephanie- LOVE IT. (and I think Ryan would too... in his dreams. :)

  6. Torrie,
    this is too cute and your plan is fail proof! Love it. the socks comment is too funny!

  7. i'm not sure how i missed these past two posts! will have to go back and read it. i've been trying really hard to part with old clothes that i never wear. i don't know what makes me feel attached to them anyway! making my closet a prettier place (buying wood hangers, weeding out oldies, etc.) has helped get the process going. ironically, i'm really good at defrumping and cleaning out my husbands closet! :)

    good luck!

  8. New underthings make SUCH a difference. It's kind of like when you paint a wall—suddenly you're thinking, "I need a new sofa. And that table looks weird. And also? My lamps suck."

    Good luck on your path to mojo!

  9. I love this. Perfect for today...I just cleaned out my closet!


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