What do you do...

...when it's a hot summer Saturday in late June... in southern California, & you have a husband with load of homework, a very sick dog to tend to (she's getting better!), yet NO pool... or NO plans to get properly dressed & leave your house to be rescued by a movie screen- or a water slide theme park (that sits less than *10 minutes away)??

Well of course, you pull out every "pool/water" device known to man, lather 'em up with sunscreen, hand 'em a hose, and tell them to Enjoy.

...And throw in an old guitar & lots of library books, a heap o' bubble wrap, a 'pull-out-the carrots' assignment, and let 'em pulverized those carrots (& apples)... one by one... And before you know it "staying home" won't sound so BORING after all :).

And what do you do if you have a pile of carrots (that you cannot consume @ the moment) and a whole heck of a lotta jalapenos??

Well, you pickle 'em of course.
...to spice up the many {many} taco nights in our future.

A perfect sweet, spicy, tangy... garlicky blend.

{I used this very loose, very simple recipe that I've had printed & filed away to try- oh, since early December (which will serve as last week's [missed] tried & true recipe).}


  1. I'd give anything to live close enough to steal that jar of goodness right off your counter.

  2. Well now...that is just an awesome day at home! I could throw some dish soap in there and watch the bubbles fly too! HAHAha. And pickled goodness....holy smokes.
    Hope you are well!

  3. You have carrots! I planted them last year with no success. Purple ones. We were all excited and then BOH. I still have not had the heart to try again this year. What can you plant in July?

    1. Tomatoes! (Plant before mid July!)

  4. Yum I love pickles, my Mum made them when we were growing up and even as a kid I loved them. Your photos make me so happy seeing that sweet carroty sunshine in Socal ( and your son's expression is priceless, he's is a very handsome lad!)

  5. Yum. That jar of pickled vegetables looks fantastic. I wish I could home pickle some veggies right now.

  6. Love the idea of spicey pickled carrots. I've never had those but we have lots of carrots growing in our garden (Boston so they aren't yet if enough to eat), I'll keep this in mind!

  7. love love the pickled jar! I need those now. so when should i expect my package? HUMMM???? LOL! Love the water backyard playday- exactly what I would have done!

  8. i love this summer pic, torrie! evidence of a great summer day.

  9. OMG delicious! Send me one..or two :)


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