Zucchini envy.

In years past, our "harvest" did not always live up to our expectations.

Case in point: {see above} our zucchini... our aunt & uncle's zucchini.

Thankfully, our gardening skills have grown over time {& one dud after another}.  And so has our zucchini. 

Come visit us over at Pink Moon Daily to see how proper fertilizing took our zucchini from duds to studs.

* Two other huge factors of this 'successful turn of events'... 
  1. went from drastically over [& in some cases, under]-watering to watering as needed (in early morning hours... slowly & directly on the soil- around the plants).  
  2. went from very poor [cheap] to nutrient rich soil [the 'good stuff'] {see 'how we now prep our soil' here}.


  1. LOVE that pic of your hubs with zuchini show! Blinkin 'eck missus! Heading over to the studs from duds toot sweet.

  2. That first photo is too funny. I love all your tips. I have so much to learn about growing edibles and you know I look forward to every single garden post from you two!


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