Progress report.

We're in the sixth week of our 'alkaline cleanse'.  Although there have been some challenges (i.e. finding meals that will be enjoyed by both us and the kids and local places that we can eat out, when we're in a time crunch- or when I've been gone all day and the kitchen is a disaster.  Either or.)... for the most part, it really has been much, much simpler than I imagined.  The huge availability/variety of products nowadays allows for many more food/snack/meal options- so that we feel more excited about these new items to try, more empowered to experiment, and less restricted.

But I will not lie.  I do miss the wine.  Or the weekend cocktail.  And the sweetener in my afternoon iced coffee pick-me-up.  And red licorice.  And Skittles.  But back to the positives...

Without meaning to sound braggy- I must tell you.  Aside from the many, many benefits of added energy, clear skin, a clear- defogged- brain, and more-- the extra weight that he & I have put on (due to the above [and many other] culprits) has literally dissipated.  I was working out five days a week, and eating very healthy (but with natural sweeteners, whole wheat, lots of fruit, etc), and was losing pounds, but not nearly as fast as I have in these past few weeks.  My jeans (that have not been wearable for over TWO years finally fit (without doing the crazy maneuvers that I usually have to do in order to get too-small pants on :)).  And Ryan has experienced the exact same results.  So, I'd say it makes up for the empty cocktail glasses and overflowing wine rack.

We've discovered many new ingredients, and have added several delicious entertain-worthy meals to our 'rotation'-- baked ratatouille, black bean burgers, gp's fish tacos, soba noodle stir fry, cauliflower curry, stuffed avacado/salsa sweet potatoes, quinoa salmon salad, lamb ragu, & tomato basil pesto...

{I look forward to sharing more tips, products, and recipes along the way but in an effort to not pile it all on you in one post, I'll start with a simple [cheese-less] recipe shared with me by my good friend, hiking buddy- and the person who introduced us to this cleanse...}

{a very loose, adjust-according-to-desire kinda recipe}
... a perfect way to use up lots of basil, and a perfect make-ahead meal.  My grandma and I made it (along with another great make-ahead meal- big pot of ratatouille for dinner!) Saturday morning- so after working in the garage for a bit, all we had to do was heat up some pasta and just like that, lunch was served.  A delicious one at that.

Oh, and I promise- you will not miss the cheese.  While the fresh tomato adds moisture and a bright, clean taste (and nutrients!), the sundried tomatoes add a nice, rich flavor, which makes up for the lack of that rich flavor you'd get from the cheese.  But by all means, if you'd like to add it- go for it.  A little extra "flavor" never hurts.  

I'm over at Pink Moon Daily discussing a) the perfect summer gift- for yourself and others, and b) the solution to leaving your reusable grocery bags in your vehicle.  Come visit!



  1. what a lovely photo to end your post. i just panted to huge pots of basil yesterday and we are huge pesto fans to excited to try a new recipe!

  2. Hi Torrie!
    I have been looking for a good pesto recipe! I just have to add....I just love how you and your husband make these goals together and go for it. My husband and I will do this with some things, but you two seem to really have a sense of teamwork about it. Yay for skinny pants! Will go check out your post for Estelle because my bags stay in the car but I need to remember to WASH them, for Pete's sake!

  3. That pesto sounds perfect! So glad you had good cleanse results!!!

  4. Not miss the cheese? I don't know...Hahaha! That looks delish!

  5. Yayyyy so many exciting things in this post!! Congrats again on your results, and oh man that pesto looks seriously phenomenal.
    That look like baggu bags! Will be heading over to see your post! I bought a ton of cute ones from Madewell before I quit. Plus, how cute is she?!?!? :)

  6. Yah YOU! Go girl. You are getting your health on.

  7. I am so, so impressed Torrie! Can I please hire you to put together a grocery list and recipes?? (You think I'm kidding, but I'm not!) xo-k


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