Sky's the limit.

As I mentioned the other day, this past weekend, Ryan & Jacob conquered Half Dome.  A remarkable feat.  Especially for a couple of guys with a strong aversion to heights.  But they tossed fear aside, set a goal, trained with discipline, gathered a huge load of gear, and set off for an 18 mile hiking adventure.

{phone reception was sparse, so I didn't get to view the pictures until they arrived back home... thankfully (for the sake of my sanity)}
{nature's beauty}

{all revved up & ready to go}

{a seemingly impossible trek}

{one of the pics i'm especially thankful that i didn't get to see... until he was safe & sound by my side (they assured me- there was a railing there)}

{somewhere... ovvver the rainbow}

{the final ascent:  400 feet to go... nearly vertical... a menacing climb}
{view from the top... priceless.}

Most definitely a Father's Day to remember. 


  1. That is such an accomplishment!!!! So excited for them both!!!!

  2. Wow, I'm so impressed (and jealous). You know I've had this goal on my list for years. I can't wait for the day when I get to see all these beautiful locations in person. Although, I won't be doing the cables. So impressed with their accomplishment. Congrats to your guys.

  3. Awesome! Totally impressed and inspired! The pictures are breath-taking! what a wonderful fathers day

  4. Wow. So beautiful. What a memory this will make for both of them. I keep thinking about that lately. I want to make A LOT of memories for my kids.


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