il dolce far niente.

{the sweetness of doing nothing.}

while the boys were off bein' over-achievers, and hiking that little mountain called "half dome" (actually, it was a huge achievement and i'm so very proud of them... more on that later), us girls stayed home, and pretty much did nothing.

for 4 days.

thought about dressing fancy and goin' out on a mother-daughter date... about taking on a major garden project, or baking up a storm... but i know my daughter.  i know what she needs.  not wants, needs
the other stuff will happen.  but for now, for this reason, nothing was everything.

now, let the party-planning begin for this soon-to-be 9 yr. old. 


  1. Days like that are the best days. They're the ones that when you look back at your childhood make it seem all sunshine and wonderful.

  2. I can wait to have kids and do "nothing" {and read that amazing-sounding book you have been raving about!} Truly the best kind of days.

  3. I feel you on the "soul fever," and we attempted a do-nothing weekend as well. Summer makes a great time for just relaxing outside and enjoying some downtime, fortunately :)

  4. I bet this was so enjoyable to just do nothing with someone that you love so much. It looks like she really enjoyed it. Sometimes just knowing you have nothing to do is the absolute best.


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