Fear *does exist in this dojo {Listography 2011}.

Each Wednesday, Danielle, @ Elleinad Spir, Emily, @ Notorious MLE, and myself are working our way through the lists of Listography 2011.
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This week's Listography topic:  List things that freak you out.
Well, at the present moment, I'd have to say it's the 828 messages in my inbox... The 1,000+ posts in my reader... The 621 pictures in my camera...  The happy vacation feeling that can so easily slip away as we fill out middle school registration forms, pay bills, sort through health insurance forms and fall catalogs, and as we prepare to take Jacob in to get braces put on later this afternoon.  But I'm determined NOT to let any of this freak me out.  No siree.   There's pizza to be grilled & 'souvenir wine' to be had.  Not to mention- a summer list to finish tackling.
As I get to it, here are a few items that really do freak me out, irrational or otherwise...
  1. Reaching the end of my life and feeling as if I did it all wrong.
  2. Receiving that call (the one in which you discover something horrible occurred with or to a loved one).
  3. Getting in my car late at night or early in the morning to discover that I'm not alone.
  4. Insects (gardening & the weekly CSA box are both helping in this regard).
  5. Deep sea creatures & other unwanted, unwavering, & unexpected rodents & pests.
  6. Crazy traveling what-ifs (if the plane lost control during landing and spun around instead of sticking to the straight path... if the other car on a fast single lane highway swerved over to your lane...).
  7. The dating years (with a teenager on board, I realize I need to get over this one. real quick).
  8. The driving years (although related to #2, it deserves its own mention).
  9. Betrayal.
  10. Personal ailments.

Unfortunately, another list that could really go on... and on.  But in the effort of not-wanting-to-share-how-paranoid-and-trivial-and-vain-and-WEIRD-I-can-really-be, I'll leave it at this- and turn it over to you.  
What freaks you out???  Head over to Emily's & share a current- or past- post, or just leave a comment right here.  I promise not to judge. 


  1. Your 1-6 are all worries of my own. So you're not so weird / paranoid after all (or maybe we both are?) The boyf. doesn't worry the way I do, but I can't help it; it's in my nature.

  2. My list would be VERY similar to yours. Only I know that the really bad news comes to your doorstep. I unfortunately have to send officers to do that job far too often. And #5? If something touches my legs while I'm in the water you will have never seen someone swim so fast to GET OUT. :) I have probably broken water speed records. But #'s 1 and 9 are definitely at the top of my list. They terrify me.


  3. Oooo...this is a good one!
    Mine? Sleeping with the bedroom door open, women who wear GOBS of makeup, strange men in my personal space, and the constant fear of my tot falling on his face (like hitting his teeth? For the life of me, I can't figure that one out!)
    Coming home from vacay is hard. Hope you enjoy that wine!

  4. Oh man! This post freaks me out because it's awfully similar to what mine would be. Especially "that phone call," or discovering you're not alone in your car. Also freaked out that fall is fast approaching and with it getting ready for school and possibly moving. Very freaked out.

  5. I am freaked out by way too many things these days. I thought we were supposed to mellow with age!! Perhaps the person who said that started their family at a much younger age than I did. :)

  6. My biggest fears are things that I can't fix. I can face anything with a plan to make things better. The out-of-my-control areas of life terrify me.

    Oh, and I don't like people in costumes. Like mascots. The idea of interacting with Mickey Mouse gives me the creeps!

  7. Being present when my mother is told she has stage 3 breast cancer, than finding out a year later, that although 30 years younger, and I have stage 3 breast cancer... I live in fear that my little girls may face a similar fate. I think God for modern research and medicine!

  8. I think my fears are a lot like yours except I am so afraid that my house will burn down and I will lose all my pictures and the things i truly hold dear. My number 1 biggest fear is that something happens to my family. I just can't imagine it

  9. That photo is priceless! I am finding that I am freaked out by so much more since having kids...it's an exercise in "letting go" just in letting them lead their lives without too much interference from me. ;)

  10. Great list - and as usual you have bought so many thoughts I thought I hadn't thought ...to the surface. (sorry it's a Friday night,...) Yes, it's the fear of children getting older and not being my sprogs...however much I complain about them, I want them to be bubs.

  11. Hi! I just came across your blog and love your insights and recommendations for organization,life lessons etc. Very helpful and a great blog! Hope you come by and visit ours! www.2sistersrecipes.com :)

  12. i can agree with a lot of your fears! glad you aren't worrying about the first ones you mentioned - keep enjoying the rest of the summer!

    ps - tell jacob i owe him one - got a 100 on my interview paper :)

  13. What about walking down a dark street and knowing someone is right behind you. Do you walk faster? Do you change direction? Ugh, I hope I'm never in that predicament again!

  14. Oh my gosh, I have to say that I nodded my head in agreement throughout that entire list. So true - all of them!! And #3 really made me cringe! Loved this list ;)


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