Employee of the month {Listography 2011}.

Each Wednesday, Danielle, @ Elleinad Spir, Emily, @ Notorious MLE, and myself are working our way through the lists of Listography 2011.

#34. List your best qualities in the work place.

  1. reliability
  2. communication
  3. honesty
  4. team player
  5. coffee making/drinking

 {post your list right here, or leave a comment below.}

And have a WONDERFUL day.


  1. somebody's got a case of the mondays.

    i bet you were a great employee! =)

  2. Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti

  3. Well, I need to get back in the other workplace, but currently my best workplace qualities are: organizing a work environment that tends toward chaos, negotiating employee disagreements, successfully running the employee cafeteria, coordinating the company's budget, balancing the company work/life program,and much more...all for free and without too much complaint! What a deal! :) xo-k

  4. well, you know that #5 is my favorite and probably most important ;) that and organizing happy hours, birthday outings, and field trips to the ice cream truck! you know, it's the important things...the julie mccoys of the office (and let's note that 50% of my co-workers don't get that television character reference).

    p.s. thx for your kind comments today!

  5. That is one of my favorite movies. I laugh everytime I see my stapler.

  6. LOVE Office Space. One of my all-time favorite movies. I watched it for the first time while I was in the worst job of my life. And then my husband gave it to me that year for Christmas.

    I love co-workers who don't gossip and yes, the team player thing is important. Can't take those folks who feel like certain tasks are below them. And yes, a coffee drinker who will happily run out for a Starbucks run for an afternoon pick me up! Love that person!

  7. This is so so funny, I just saw that movie for the first time(because I would watch Jenn Anniston in anything even the bad stuff, though this funny...) but I will "Go Ahead" and make a comment ...I do miss working in an office and having some good laughs with co-horts though have quite a few giggles with Mums on soccer sidelines I have to say.

  8. Ha! Love that coffee making/drinking made it on to your top 5 list ... I am right there with you!

    ❤ Cat brideblu

    ps. Love office space :)

  9. This is a great list. Love office space. I have had a differing experience because 80% of my employment had been in a family business...such a different/funny/crazy/connected environment. I loved it, and I did have my own stapler :)

  10. Determination, Hardworking, speed, communication and multi-tasking. When i was working I have to say I was a dang good employee! LOL!


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