A peaceful transition.

As summer is the season for reflection, autumn is the season of anticipation.

My body's still lingering in summer, but my mind is settling into fall.  Where the attire becomes a little less casual, a little more contrived.  Less straps, more layers.  Sandals make their way out, while boots saunter on in.

And at this very time each year, I still find myself sorta giddy with anticipation over the season of 'back-to-school-clothes.'

a couple items I'm loving at the moment...
StyleMint t-shirts.

{I ordered these two, and love both of them.  Soft, light, perfectly fitted, and just right for this time of year (in the evenings, in an overly air-conditioned building...), all the way into the cooler temperatures.  Love their concept, service, quality, price, & especially the idea of choosing one new top (or opting out) each month.  They're currently offering a 10% discount, with the code STYLE10!}
TOMS fall collection for kids.

{Casual, yet not "too" casual.  Classic, comfortable, versatile, & so many to choose from.  I purchased these in the summer, but like the shirts above, they're just right for either occasion (or season, rather).}

Although it's been a fairly smooth week, I'm so very ready to transition out of school mode and into weekend mode.  Love being back on a routine and all, but I wasn't quite prepared for getting Jacob to school for zero-period (at 7:15am) each morning.  In other words- I NEED SLEEP... As do they (see that tired face above?)!!

Have a restful weekend, and see ya bright & early Monday mornin'.


  1. Love the look of those t's. And I can't get enough of cardigans too, must stop buying the. Love the birds' eye view of your daughter!

  2. I seriously need to restock my cardy wardrobe this fall! Love those wide legs!

  3. Love the shirts but my favorite are the shoes! So cute in the red color on Hailey!

  4. Look at your little cutie. Love those Toms. But I must say that I am not at all, not one bit ready for fall. And that is so unlike me. Usually fall is my absolute favorite but am not ready to let go of my sandals and tanks.

  5. It does feel like a sudden switch from summer to autumn once September arrives, no? Even though the temps are still as high as ever, it's a shift in one's mindset. I personally love the autumn season, so there's much anticipation on my end!

  6. Thanks for the heads up on stylemint. I have heard about all these "mint" sites so need to check out this one. Just heard Jessica Simpson is lauching BeautyMint!


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