Better late than never.

I'm often late to the party- literally & figuratively.  But the long days of summer have allowed me to take a step back and play a little catch-up- in many areas, but here's a few "catches" from the weekend...

...the existence of yellow watermelon.

...meals on wheels.
(been to a couple, but living in the midst of a food truck CRAZE- not nearly enough)
{via a food truck rally in my hometown}

...the long-lost coach show that I just can't seem to get enough of.
{via the lovely Michelle, to whom I am forever grateful}
Many more to come on this topic, but I'm off to savor the final days of summer.      


  1. yellow watermelon, who knew??!

    GO! enjoy!

  2. Don't you just love Coach Taylor. I swear he well lets just say he is really really cute and love his character in the show. I really miss it! We always watched every season. I love yellow watermelon but haven't had one this summer yet?

  3. yay!! I'm so glad you like it...makes me want to go back and rewatch it all again...

  4. Yellow watermelon? Cool. Oh I miss Friday Night Lights already. Such wonderful characters, especially Coach and Tammi Taylor. Love.

  5. Torrie, hi! I've been thinking about you too. Sounds like you're having a great summer! I've never heard of yellow watermelon, but it sounds great! Summer is the perfect time for catching up and spending quality time with family. I love all the pictures of the food trucks!


  6. Yellow watermelon sounds yummy :) Enjoy the last days of summer!

  7. we have been obsessed with food trucks here in chicago...we have one called tamale spacship and the servers wear mexican wrestling rocks!

    can we talk more about this pretty melon?!

  8. I love watermelon and I haven't had enough this summer.

  9. What does yellow watermelon taste like?

    I really wish we had some food trucks here in Tampa. I'm sure we'll experience the craze in a year or two...we're always a couple of years behind the big cities.

  10. I've never had yellow watermelon OR been to a food truck. I've been robbed!!

  11. I still have yet to experience the food truck craze, even though I'm sure it is all around me. I need to catch up!

  12. I am so sad summer is over but somewhat excited for fall. I think fall is one of my favorite seasons b/c we can have fun layering clotehs and wearing boots! And yellow watermelon? I have never heard of that. Does it taste the same? (OMG is that a comment from Valerie up top??? Miss her!!!)

  13. That watermelon looks SO yummy! And I have only been to a handful of food trucks..we dont get many in the "burbs"..although I am glued to the food truck race, mostly to watch tyler florence..

  14. Love any colour watermelon and great pics of your kids and hubby. Guess what - am writing this from near Healdsburg, at a little red and green store, perfect...

  15. DUDE.

    YELLOW. Watermelon. (???)

    So cool!


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