Where are they now {Listography 2011}??

Each Wednesday, Emily, @ Notorious MLE, Danielle, @ Elleinad Spir, and myself are working our way through the lists of Listography 2011.

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This one was pretty funny.  Given my love for 80's/90's pop culture, I often randomly wonder where many people are... way too many to capture on a single list.  Some are celebs that have aged and seemed to have slowly disappeared from the spotlight.  Some have just moved 'behind the scenes.'  Others- the ones I really wonder about- have just dropped out of the spotlight altogether.  Sadly, too many of them experience major health [&/or psychological] issues, addictions, etc.  Nowadays, anything and anyone can be googled, which would probably provide me with many answers to whereabouts, but off the top of my head (& Ryan's, who contributed)... 

List people that make you wonder “where are they now.”
Jake Ryan (don't even know his real name, and don't care)
John (CHiPs)
Long Duk Dong
D.J. Jazzy Jeff
the other bosom buddy
Larry & Balki
Fred Savage (& his "friend")
Shelley Duvall
Shelley Long
Michael Winslow
Mindy (Mork's other 1/2)
Ralph Mouth
Crocodile Dundee 
Mikey (Mikey likes it)
Brian Dunkleman
C. Thomas Howell
Messy Marvin / Ralphie
Dan Monahan (aka Pee Wee)
the boys from Flipper

Whose whereabouts keep you up at night??

Link up a post below if you have one, or share in the comments.  Seriously, it's fun stuff.
{*more fun stuff in store next week}


  1. This cracked me up! I loved the 80s!

  2. Mork and Mindy? Did you just say that? Did you just say the show that I used to watch continuously. You just made me laugh and spill my coffee and have happy thoughts of being a kid again! This is why I love you!

    Sorry I am late getting here but I am here and i can't wait to see what I missed on Monday!

  3. Great list. Seriously....mindy from mork and mindy...pam dawber....where is she?!?

  4. Shelley Long was in a couple of episodes of Modern Family, which is soooo funny!

    Fred Savage often directs one of my favorite shows, Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

    And Larry and Balki? I have no idea about them, but man, how many Friday nights did I spend watching that show!

  5. Oh, and speaking of 80's shows, I seem to be the only person that remembers one of them. The basic plot was about this guy who moves his daughter and two (I think two) sons to Australia (I think Australia.) The daughter hadn't spoken since her mom died tragically. The dad was a marine biologist who worked with dolphins (which started my dolphin phase!) The only episode that I specifically remember was the mute daughter being stung by a jellyfish and rescued by one of the dolphins.


  6. Oh this is great! I just asked about Jake Ryan in my comment at ellinadspir. I always wonder about that dream boat! And isn't Duckie in 2 and a half men? Love this topic.

  7. Balki was on The Surreal Life a few years ago and he was kind of a pervy weirdo. I was very disappointed. In myself. For watching The Surreal Life. :)


  8. You had me at Long Duk Dong, lady. You are too funny. That character has been quoted many, many times over the years by my family. May he live forever!

  9. Larry and Balki! I loved watching that show. It should be on Nick at Nite or something.

  10. Fred Savage has been producing and sometimes directing one of my fave shows It's Always Sunny in Philly!

  11. hahah this one made me laugh! It's fun to think back on all those celebs from childhood and teen years and wonder what they're up to now!

  12. @Leslie *Fresh Out of Lemons* Well, our Balki question seems to have been answered by Jen ("pervy weirdo"... ahhh!)... and I don't think I've heard of that show! (I'll ask Ryan tonight- maybe he's heard of it) BUT, your comment reminded me of another favorite- Flipper!! (added the characters to my list :)

  13. @Estelle Okay, I cannot believe we didn't make that connection. I've never watched that show- but I've seen the previews- and totally forgot that it was the same person!

    ...removed Duckie from the list and added (thanks to Leslie) "the boys from Flipper" :).

  14. when i was in 7th grade i did my entire end of the year english project on c. thomas howell. =) where the f is he?????

    ooooooh, and shelley duvall--the shining: best scary movie ever.

    great list!

    (p.s. i posted today! can you believe it?!)

  15. was mindy married to someone famous?

  16. @Stephanie I don't know! Okay- now I'm curious... googling...

    AND I just saw that you posted!! (this makes me very happy =)

  17. @Stephanie (from Wikpedia)"She has been married to actor Mark Harmon since March 21, 1987. The couple appeared together in the film I'll Remember April, and have two sons: Sean Thomas Harmon (born April 25, 1988) and Ty Christian Harmon (born June 25, 1992)."

    {I had no idea! ... And amazingly enough they're *still together!}

  18. I don't have a post to link up but I'm an 80's junky!! Life Goes On!! Where's Becca?? And Long Duk Dong? Genius!! Molly Ringwald just had twins or something crazy like that. Maybe there's hope for me yet... haha!


  19. Om my goodness this brings back such great memories. The boys from flipper? Holy heck that was one of my favourites as kid in new Zealand where we had ONE channel. Per This Free Bird, I actually read Molly Ringwald's autobiography (for some reason a friend gave it to me, she went to Cal with her) who was not only really pretty and well dressed but incredibly well adjusted. I have to say ...made for a boring read. Now Rob Lowe (who was actually in danger of being on a list like this) apparently his autobio is incredibly good. Seems you need to go to the mountains and the valleys to be interesting...

  20. Back again - your comment on the RV or not to RV - you comments are always brilliant! inspired to look through your recommended posts which are fabulous - those photos of Sonoma are totally gorgeous.

  21. love this list! this is kinda lame of me but i am linking my post i did back in jan about cindy mancini!

    glad to be back and catching up on posts! xo

  22. haha i like your list! it would be fun to actually see what these people are doing!

    as a celeb, how do you go from that to having a normal job? just seems weird.

  23. @About Last Weekend Thank you!! Responding to the RV comment on email!


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